Test your luck! Hit the mark! (AUD/usd on 04.08.2012)

We invite everybody to participate in our new contest for traders "Test your luck! Hit the mark!". The winner will receive $30 as a prize

Currency pair: AUD/usd
Date for determination of the course: closed at 22:59 03.08.2012 (terminal time)
Acceptance of rates will be ended: July, 30
Date of announcement the winner’s name: August, 6

Prize: $30.
How to paticipate?

FOREXCUP-Profit Hunters 30 july – 10 august

FXOpen offers a new paid competition which perfectly fits those, who are ready to test their skills of trading in the Forex market! There are ten prizes and real cash bonuses for winners.

The benefits of the competition:
1) Low cost of participation – entry fee is only $5;
2) In contrast to any free contest, rivalry here is hot high – so, your chances for victory are automatically growing;
3) It’s really easy to get a real cash bonus – you just have to get profit of 15% or more (the more profit you get, the bigger your cash bonus will be);
4) And the main advantage is the prize fund! Here it consists of $1000 from sponsors plus the sum of entry fees. It’s really worth fighting, isn’t it?

Download 1000 Forex Indicators for Free

You can now download 1000 free forex indicators here. 

 List of free forex indicators: 

#MTF Forex freedom Bar.mq4
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FX Market Masters August 2012

We are in search for a big PAMM ECN account manager

FXOpen invites everybody to take part in a Forex-competition on demo-accounts “FX Market Masters August 2012”. Participation is totally free and the winner will get a post of PAMM ECN account-manager with a deposit amounted to $1020.

FOREXCUP-Profitable WeeK 07/23/2012-07/27/2012

Many new traders have the same question – what should they begin with while trading in the Forex? We offer you to start with participation in Forex-contests. For example, lots of free competitions with great prizes are regularly held at ForexCup.com. These contests are rather unique, because they will not only help you to understand the basics of Forex, but also to get your first capital and then use it while trading in the real account.

More than 4 thousand traders have already got benefits from ForexCup competitions. Everybody can try to win. And the prize is worth doing it! Each month the best trader gets the post of PAMM ECN account manager and is able to work with FXOpen broker.

ForexCup-Profit Hunters 16 July - 27 July

There is a new contest, where everyone can not only test in practice his trading strategy, but also can compete for prizes! Entry fee is only $5. The more people take part – the bigger prize pool will be! And FXOpen will give $900 for prizes and bonuses as a sponsorship.
We should mention that each participant, who increases his start-up capital on more than 15%, will get a cash bonus! The 1st place prize is $100 + 50% from the sum of entry fees. So, if 200 traders take part in the competition, the winner will get $600 + bonus depending on his profit. There is a reason to take part, isn’t it?
Click here to join!
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FOREXCUP - Profitable WeeK 07/09/2012-07/13/2012

Despite summer holidays we are still holding really interesting contests on demo-accounts. Two competitions have already started this week (one-week competition and a monthly one). Right now you can sign up for a weekly contest. The competition “Profitable WeeK 07/09/2012-07/13/2012” will be held since July, 9 up to July, 13. The deadline of registration is July, 8 (Sunday). And it’s worth fighting! The prize in this contest amounts to $1500. And remember that participation is totally free!

Each participant has a chance to get real cash bonus after 5 trading days. The only condition – you have to increase your start-up deposit up to 80% or more.