ForexCup - Scalping Virtuoso-5

Start your New Year with Scalping Virtuoso-5 – and it will be interesting, we promise!

Christmas and New Year Holidays are in the air! But ForexCup Team is not going to reduce the number of contests. On the contrary, we are getting ready for January 2014 and invite you to join Scalping Virtuoso-5!

Such competition’s format has become really popular among traders and attracted its own fans. What is the secret of Scalping Virtuoso series?
  • Maybe, it’s in contest duration? 5 trading days – it’s rather quick and does not bore you;
  • Maybe you enjoy different trading instruments? Actually, this time we offer 8 of them – let’s start a year in a classic way;
  • Maybe it’s in unlimited scalping? Yes, you are right, we offer the unlimited scalping conditions in that contest;
  • Maybe the thing is in the guaranteed prize fund? No matter how many participants join the competition, we will give prizes to all dignified traders;
  • Or maybe it’s in effort to win? Don’t miss your chance to join one more contest – and catch your own luck!

FXOpen Promotion: Christmas Holidays with No Commission Deposits

FXOpen Promotion: Christmas Holidays with No Commission Deposits 

FXOpen is introducing the no commission deposit incentive for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

From December 20th till January 15th 2014 no commissions will be charged for deposits to FXOpen accounts made by credit/debit cards or via any online payment system available with FXOpen. It does not include deposits made by wire transfer.

ForexCup - Chinese Forex Championship!

It’s high time to join a new battle for prizes and bonuses! Chinese Forex Championship has just opened!

On the Christmas and New Year Eve ForexCup, together with FXOpen, makes a great gift for traders. We have just opened the registration in Chinese Forex Championship!

We have selected China particularly not on the spot. The thing is that Chinese traders have shown the greatest results in recent ForexCup competition. That’s why we decided to define the Best Chinese Trader – and the format of Championship is really suitable for this.
What can you expect while participating in the Chinese Forex Championship?
  • 8 trading weeks and extended registration – join the contest when you decide to;
  • Free participation is a nice term of any competition itself;
  • $US 4000 for bonuses – increase your virtual start-up capital by at least 20% and take away the part of it to your real trading account;
  • Participation in the Championship (as well as bonuses!) is available for traders from all over the world – use your chance to fight with professionals;
  • 49 currency pairs, EAs and locking available, all the best features of ForexCup contests – use everything to show what you can achieve!

Results of the FXOpen Forex Article Contest-2 Announced

Results of the FXOpen Forex Article Contest-2 Announced

The second leg of the Forex Article Contest has come to an end. It started on November 11th 2013 and lasted for about 5 weeks. The competition aroused genuine interest in the Forex community and today FXOpen is ready to announce the names of the best authors.
The contest organizers are pleased to see that more traders took part in the second round. In their articles, they shared deep market knowledge and Forex trading experience. The most interesting articles were published in the company’s blogs and highlighted in the social networks.

The FXOpen team thanks all of the participants for their creativity and zeal. One contestant, Igor Titara, deserves special attention. He was awarded the title of the Most Active Participant for having submitted the most number of articles, just as he did during the first leg of the Forex Article Contest. For this, Igor receives a special $100 prize from FXOpen!

FXOpen Trading Hours on Christmas and New Year 2014

Trading Hours on Christmas and New Year 2014

Dear Clients,

Please note the following changes to the trading hours and terms during the Christmas and New Year holiday season:

FX (Currencies)

Tue 24 December 2013- normal trading hours

Wed 25 December 2013- CLOSED, REOPENS at 22:00 GMT (or 00.00 GMT +2 FXOpen Server Time)

Thu 26 December 2013- normal trading hours

Tue 31 December 2013 - for ECN accounts - normal trading hours; for STP & MM accounts (Standard and Micro) trading closes at 18:00 GMT (or 20.00 GMT +2 FXOpen Server Time)

Wed 1 January 2014- CLOSED, REOPENS at 22:00 GMT (or 00.00 GMT +2 FXOpen Server Time)

Thu 2 January 2014- normal trading hours

ForexCup - Scalping Virtuoso-4

They say that Friday 13th is a mysterious day. But we are sure that it will definitely bring luck! Thus, today we welcome traders to the next round of the scalping marathon – Scalping Virtuoso-4!

What are we ready to offer this time? The contestants may expect:
  • 8 currency pairs – why not to master trading skills on “classics”?
  • 9 prizes at a time – the more prizes the better, right?
  • 5 trading days on New Year’s Eve – isn’t it a good chance to earn money for Christmas gifts?
  • US$300 of the guaranteed budget form FXOpen – why not to award good traders despite the total number of the contest participants?
  • Unlimited opportunities for scalping and EA trading – why should you deny yourselves pleasures?

ForexCup - Scalping Virtuoso-3

ForexCup team informs: the last month of the departing year will be very active and rich in various Forex events! Thus, today, along with the ongoing registration for the weekly competition, we launch the 3rd round of the Scalping Virtuoso contest!

ForexCup - Profitable WeeK 12/11/2013-12/18/2013

The last few weeks at ForexCup have been dedicated to a new format of paid weekly contests – Scalping Virtuoso. This, however, does not imply that we have decided to abandon our traditional competitions. We just cannot deprive our traders of their favorite contests! So, today, December 4th, we launch the registration for the free weekly competition “Profitable WeeK 12/11/2013-12/18/2013.”

FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark! (GBP/USD on 30.11.2013)

The traditional forum contest «FX Insight» has long been awaited by Forex traders from all over the world. So, today we invite all the willing to join the next round of the competition.

“FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark! (GBP/USD on 30.11.2013)” is held in the corresponding forum thread. This time the contestants should focus on GBP/USD currency pair: analyze the FX rate dynamics, think of possible changes and make their bet i.e., share the variant of the GBP/USD closing price as of November 30th, 2013.

A trader, whose variant of the GBP/USD rate will be the most precise, will become the winner of the competition. He will receive US$30 to his live account in FXOpen.  

Ready for Changes? Join Scalping Virtuoso – New ForexCup Competition!

ForexCup is pleased to announce the launch of a new paid competition – Scalping Virtuoso. Forex contests fans will definitely like a new format of the weekly competition and appreciate its benefits.

ForexCup team traditionally held the weekly contests for free, while participation in the monthly competitions required a small entry fee. The weekly format, however, appeared to be very popular with traders. Thus, ForexCup team came up with an idea for Scalping Virtuoso lasting only a week. The competition is open to all, willing to demonstrate their perfect trading skills. Register now and join the ranks of the most ambitious Forex traders!  

FXOpen Comes to the UK

FXOpen, a leading Forex broker, is pleased to announce further expansion into the European financial market by opening a new office in London, UK. The company’s interests in Europe are now represented by FXOpen UK, offering its services within the strict regulatory framework of the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.

One Click Trading and Level 2 Plugin – Version 1.14

One Click Trading and Level 2 Plugin – Version 1.14

FXOpen has recently implemented a new version of the One Click Trading & Level 2 Plugin into its trading system. The application efficiency has been boosted with new functionality that is supposed to be appreciated by the tool users.

The list of Version 1.14 updates includes:

  • - Full-fledged support of STP accounts has been implemented
  • - Histogram visualization has been improved and 'real price' mode has been added in addition to default 'real volume' mode
  • - Visualization of the market depth is improved
  • - OCTL2 keeps working even without TTS connection/quotes
  • - MT4 trade operation time spent is displayed in ms (in experts terminal panel)
FXOpen team keeps on working to deploy new features of the plugin and hopes for your feedback on the tool operation.

Your opinion is important for us – join the discussion at FXOpen Forum and tell us what you think.

Download the latest version of One Click Trading and Level 2 Plugin.

FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark! (EUR/NZD on 16th November 2013)

ForexCup Invites Traders to Test their Luck

One of the most important things for a Forex trader is to be lucky. FX Insight forum contest, regularly held by FXOpen, is a good chance to check how lucky you are. 

The competition “FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark! (EUR/NZD on 16th November 2013)” is available to all users registered on FXOpen Forum. To join the contest you need to share your variant of a possible EUR/NZD closing price as of 16th November 2013 in the corresponding forum thread until 15th November 2013.   
The name of the winner will be announced on 18th November. The prize will go to a trader who will suggest the most precise variant. The lucky winner will receive US$30 in his FXOpen live account.

FXOpen Gets another Award at Moscow Forex Expo 2013

FXOpen Gets another Award at Moscow Forex Expo 2013

FXOpen, one of the world’s leading brokerage companies in the Forex market, has been awarded at Moscow Forex Expo 2013 for the best trading conditions in micro accounts for beginners in Forex. The exhibition was traditionally held in the Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel in Moscow on November 1-2, 2013.

FXOpen Gets another Award at Moscow Forex Expo 2013
Moscow Forex Expo 2013 is a major Forex exhibition that regularly brings together representatives of various brokerage and investment companies, banks and dealing centers. The participants of the event gladly share their experience, provide competent analysis of the current market situation and try to absorb progressive ideas and tendencies in the foreign exchange segment.

The event organizers prepared an ambitious program with numerous master-classes and seminars. Professionals were offered to take part in the B2B forum with a chance to socialize with international colleagues and exchange the accumulated experience.

For great contribution and achievements in the industry FXOpen was honored as the best broker offering loyal trading conditions in micro accounts. The whole scope of the company’s services along with the potential of its Partnership programs was highly appreciated by the reputable judges and the audience. FXOpen was also praised for technological superiority of its ECN accounts for which the company had previously received a few awards. Thus, according to the Masterforex-V independent Forex Broker rating, FXOpen was named the Best ECN Broker 2012.

FOREXCUP - Profitable WeeK 11/18/2013-11/22/2013

ForexCup contestants have repeatedly confirmed that it is the weekly competitions that are most popular among Forex traders. Such format of the contests draws the biggest audience and offers the greatest number of prizes. What is more, Profitable WeeK series of contests ensure from losses to a greater extent as there are no entrance fees and you participate for free.
ForexCup along with FXOpen broker tries to keep traders motivated and each time offers new interesting competitions. Today we suggest joining another contest – “Profitable WeeK 11/18/2013-11/22/2013.”

This time all the contestants may expect the following:

  • A traditionally free participation: no entrance fees, you can join the contest with a few keystrokes;
  • 5 trading days: it’s the most optimal time span to choose and implement your trading strategy;
  • 49 currency pairs: it’s up to you to decide what trading instrument to use;
  •  8 prizes and bonuses for more than 80% profit;
  • An opportunity to use EAs.

New experience is what really matters in any career, particularly, in Forex. Grab your chance to learn something new! Put your trading theories in practice! A free weekly competition is an ideal format not only for winning prizes and bonuses, but also for self-education, improvement and experiments!


Key dates:

  • November 18, 2013 – registration ends;
  • November 18, 2013 – competition starts;
  • November 22, 2013 – competition ends;
  • November 25, 2013 – summing-up.

  • 1st place – US$200 + bonus;
  • 2nd place – US$80 + bonus;
  • 3rd place – US$40 + bonus;
  • 4th place – US$24 + bonus;
  • 5th place – US$20 + bonus;
  • 6th place – US$16+ bonus;
  • 7th place – US$12+ bonus
  • 8th place – US$8+ bonus.

FXOpen Announces Second Round of Forex Article Contest

FXOpen Announces Second Round of Forex Article Contest 

FXOpen is glad to announce the second round of the Forex Article Contest that was first launched by the company in September 2013.

The next round of the competition is scheduled to be held between 11th November and 13th December. Thus, the rewarding ceremony will take place right on New Year’s Eve.

The Forex Article Contest is a great chance for Forex traders and spectators alike not only to win the prize money but also to discover their hidden talents and reveal their creative personalities by writing about Forex specifics.

FXOpen Runs SMS Notifications Service

FXOpen Runs SMS Notifications Service 

FXOpen is glad to offer its customers a new service – SMS notifications. This option is available for all users registered with the company. The functional is developed to carry out extra verification when log into MyFXOpen personal area, get notifications about the withdrawal or payment status changes, as well as recover a new password under strict security conditions.

FXOpen Launches Customer Support Portal

FXOpen, one of the world’s leading Forex brokerage companies, is delighted to announce the launch of a Customer Support Portal – The key target of the project is to reorganise the customer support process and implement a number of new opportunities.  

The Customer Support Portal is a specialised, user-friendly system designed specifically for FXOpen clients. We have introduced some valuable options for the company’s clients e.g., tailored advice from the specialist online support team with immediate effect, query placement and status monitoring.

With the development of the project, the FXOpen product users will become more independent and self-contained in solving a number of technical and finance-related issues. Each participant will have access to detailed descriptions of the company’s focus areas and the services provided.

Guess FX Rate on FXOpen Forum and Get US$30 on Account!

FXOpen welcomes everyone to the traditional forum contest – “FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark!”

The competition is already available on FXOpen forum.

According to the contest rules, traders will have to guess the USD/JPY closing price on 26th October 2013. All the participants should share their suggestions in the corresponding thread of FXOpen forum and wait for the winners to be announced. The competition results will be collated on 28th October 2013.  

Prior to placing your bets, pay attention to the following terms:
  • Place a bet as is shown here: “your forum nickname – your bet
  • Spreads between the participants’ bets must exceed 5 pips i.e., if there is a bet of 1.5000, the nearest possible variant must be 1.5005 or 1.4995)
  • Each participant may place only one bet
  • It’s not allowed to repeat one’s bet
  • It’s not allowed to erase or edit your variant of the possible fx rate that has already been shared
See the contest details in the competition thread of FXOpen Forum.

Join the contest and test your luck with FXOpen!

The bets are accepted until 22nd October 2013. 

Autumn Round of FXOpen Forum Best Trader Contest Gets Started

22nd October, the autumn round of the popular contest “Forum Best Trader” starts on FXOpen forum. The registration in the competition is already available.

This fall traders, registered on FXOpen forum, will be able to get prizes and bonuses for describing their trading activity. Similar competitions have already been held among the forum community. Judging by the positive feedback we’ve got, we decided to give you another chance to learn something new from your fellow-traders and earn some money.

The contest rules are rather simple: you have to describe your trades in the contest account within 36 hours from the moment they were made.  Your description must contain the account number, the screenshot of the open position and arguments supporting your decision. Pay attention to the fact that it is not enough to place the screenshots of the terminal without any commentary. Such posts won’t be considered.   

The contest prize fund is US$2,000 that will be distributed among the best three participants:
  • 1st place – US$504
  • 2nd place – US$396
  • 3rd place – US$300

Notice about Violation of FXOpen Intellectual Property Rights

Dear Customers,

FXOpen would like to bring to your attention that certain websites, in particular  and, have misused FXOpen brand that it considered an egregious violation of the Company’s exclusive copyrights.

Please be informed that the word “FXOpen” is registered as a trademark by the World Intellectual Property Organization in accordance with the Madrid Agreement and Protocol concerning the International Registration of Marks. Therefore, this is the intellectual property which is protected by law.

The references to FXOpen group of companies made on the abovementioned sites are illegal and fraudulent.  FXOpen would like to stress that neither D-kumars Golden Heritage not Forex Open is the subsidiary of FXOpen group and has any affiliation with the Company.

FXOpen wishes to warn its customers of the fake sites and recommend them being on the alert. The unauthorised actions of the above sites may also cause damage to the Company’s reputation or mislead its potential clients. In this regard FXOpen claims it will take every legal step to seek justice and protect its customers’ valuable interests.

Best Regards,
FXOpen NZ Limited
Customer Service
FXOpen Live Chat (24/5)

FXOpen Announces Best Forex Writers

Forex Article Contest 

FXOpen has collated the results of the recently held Forex Article Contest and is ready to announce the winners.

The competition launched on 1st September 2013 and was open for anyone willing to take part in the contest that lasted 6 weeks. The rules required the writing of an article judged in one of two categories, being “Forex Theory” and “Forex Success Story.”

FXOpen wish to express their thanks to all the participants for their activity and enthusiasm. There are however, only a few prize winners. They were determined by voting held in social networks, as well as FXOpen representatives’ objective assessment:

Forex Theory:
1st place – US$500 – Rinat Zaynutdinov;
2nd place – US$250 – Aleksandr Semkin;
3rd place –US$150 – Ahmed Mohamed.

Forex Success Story:
1st place – US$250 – Triyono;
2nd place – US$100 – A. V. Lukyanchikov.

ALF (Adaptive Laguerre Filter) Forex Technical Indicator

You can download for free the ALF (Adaptive Laguerre Filter) and ALF Alert indicators.
Trading Strategy of ALF, open BUY position when the GREEN ARROW appears and open SELL position when the RED ARROW appears. Goodluck!

Screenshot of ALF (Adaptive Laguerre Filter) and ALF Alert indicators.

>>> DOWNLOAD FREE ALF (Adaptive Laguerre Filter) <<<


FXOpen Accepts Payments via Neteller

FXOpen, one of the leading Forex brokerage companies, is excited to announce that we now accept payments via Neteller.

For over a decade, NETELLER has provided businesses and individuals with a fast, simple and secure way to move money online. Neteller is a highly-reputable payment option trusted by millions of merchants and consumers in more than 200 countries and from a broad spectrum of industries and businesses. Neteller eWallet coupled with Net+ Pre-paid Master cards makes Neteller one of the most popular, easy-to-use and secure payment option online.
FXOpen customers can now enjoy all benefits of Neteller when funding their FXOpen account or making a withdrawal:

  • Instant deposits;
  • Deposit commission is only 2.5%;
  • Payments in USD, EUR, AUD, GBP, JPY, RUB and SGD;
  • Withdrawals without commission.

ForexCUP - Profitable WeeK 10/14/2013-10/18/2013

Free Contests Marathon Goes on at ForexCup

Profitable WeeK free competitions, held by ForexCup on a weekly basis, are well known to thousands of traders worldwide. Over and over again they become active participants of such contests in the hope to win good prizes and bonuses and master their trading skills. ForexCup is glad to support their intentions – we launch “Profitable WeeK 10/14/2013-10/18/2013!”

The popularity of ForexCup competitions is reasoned by such advantages as free participation, decent bonus and prize funds, an opportunity to test your own trading strategy and unexpected choice of trading instruments available during the contest. For example, this time only seven currency pairs with USD on one side will be allowed in the competition i.e., EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD.

What really worth mentioning is that Profitable WeeK competitions are open for everybody as hundreds of traders from different parts of the world regularly join them. Isn’t it a great chance to learn from others’ experience, work out your own trading style and upgrade your skills? We think it is! 

Profitable WeeK 10/14/2013-10/18/2013 free weekly contest is worth a try! Don’t hesitate and register right now! Who knows, it may be this competition that will show you the way to success!

Key dates:
  • October 14, 2013 – registration ends;
  • October 14, 2013 – competition starts;
  • October 18, 2013 – competition ends;
  • October 21, 2013 – summing-up.
  • 1st place – US$200 + bonus;
  • 2nd place – US$80 + bonus;
  • 3rd place – US$40 + bonus;
  • 4th place – US$24 + bonus;
  • 5th place – US$16 + bonus;
  • 6th place – US$12+ bonus;
  • 7th place – US$12+ bonus;
  • 8th place – US$8 + bonus;
  • 9th place – US$8 + bonus.


Dates Extended for Forex Article Contest

FXOpen, a leading company providing brokerage services, launched the Forex Article Contest in early September. The competition was focused on the Forex-related articles to be written in one of the two categories i.e., “Forex Theory” or “Forex Success Story.”

The contest deadline has been extended to October 15, 2013, so there are two more weeks to share your trading experience and join the list of odds-on favourites.

FXOpen is delighted to present the contestants’ works that are available in the corporate blogs in the Russian and English languages. You are free to consult the useful material and pose any questions to the authors of the articles.

In order to participate in the contest you have to write a story about your personal achievements in Forex (humorous form of narration is welcomed) or an article about the market specifics demonstrating your in-depth knowledge.

There are different requirements to the provided material depending on the category.
Authors of the three best articles will receive:

The category “Forex Theory”
1st place – US$500
2nd place – US$250
3rd place – US$150
The category “Forex Success Story”
1st place – US$250
2nd place – US$100
3rd place – US$50

FXOpen Joins The Financial Commission

FXOpen, one of the world’s leading Forex brokers is happy to announce its membership in The Financial Commission

The Financial Commission is a neutral 3rd party committee to fairly review and resolve complaints. We see it as one more way to show our clients that FXOpen’s activities conform to the best practices and high commercial standards in the Financial Services Industry. FXOpen’s membership in the Financial Commission gives each customer the opportunity to achieve a more cost-effective, simpler and swifter resolution of any issues that they might encounter while trading Forex through FXOpen. 

The Financial Commission is an international independent non-government dispute resolution organization specializing in the Forex market based in Hong Kong, China. Its main body – the Financial Committee – is comprised of highly-skilled professionals with many years of experience at top managerial positions in the Forex market . Their vast expertise ensures in-depth understanding and investigation of each complaint. However, the members of the Financial Committee are not affiliated to any Forex brokerage firm, which guarantees an unbiased approach to handling complaints.

Three “T” of Traders’ Success from the 3rd Prize Winner of Asian Forex Championship

Asian Forex Championship has become the most outstanding forex-contest, recently held by FXOpen. Hundreds of traders from 53 Asian countries have fought for the main prizes provided by the broker.
Three strongest participants were awarded good financial bonuses along with PAMM ECN accounts registered with FXOpen.

The 1st and 2nd prize winners have already shared their impressions of the contest and finally, the third place keeper has agreed to reveal some of his trading secrets. During the Championship the trader made 1294% of profit for which he received a PAMM ECN account with $US1,020 in it.

FXOpen team have contacted the trader and asked him a few questions.

FXOpen: “Could you please tell us a few words about yourself?”
Winner: “My name is Sensenati. I am 30 years old and I am married. I am from Jordan, I live in Tabrboor city. I work in the Interior Ministry of Jordan.

ForexCup - Profitable Week 09/23/2013 - 09/27/2013

Currency Week at ForexCup – Five Days without Metals 

ForexCup free weekly competitions are viewed as one of the most popular Forex projects. As usual ForexCup team has prepared another interesting contest that is already open to everybody.

Judging by the previous competitions, any restrictions have not prevented Forex traders form their active participation. The project amateurs gladly traded both traditional and exotic instruments. They also demonstrated excellent trading skills in the contest held on two currency pairs only.      
This time the terms of the competition are very simple i.e., all trading tools are available in the contest but for the metals. The participants will have 49 currency pairs and the ability to choose any trading instrument themselves. There will be 6 prizes, a US$1,100 bonus pool and 5 breathtaking days of competition with other talented traders from all over the world.
Grab your chance to make this fall profitable with ForexCup!

Key dates:
  • September 23, 2013 – registration ends;
  • September 23, 2013 – competition starts;
  • September 27, 2013 – competition ends;
  • September 30, 2013 – summing-up.
  • 1st place – US$200 + bonus;
  • 2nd place – US$100 + bonus;
  • 3rd place – US$40 + bonus;
  • 4th place – US$20 + bonus;
  • 5th place – US$20 + bonus;
  • 6th place – US$20+ bonus.

Guess a course for EUR/USD – get your prize from FXOpen!

A traditional contest “FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark!” is now available at FXOpen forum. Any trader, registered in the forum, is able to become a participant.

It is really simple to join a competition: if you are ready to fight for $US 30 from FXOpen, you have to leave your personal prediction of EUR/USD closing price for September, 20 in the corresponding forum thread.

Your bet should satisfy a few rules:
  • Spreads between participants’ bets should be no less than 5 points;
  • You cannot repeat someone else’s rate;
  • Each participant is able to make only one bet;
  • You are not allowed to change or delete your prediction;
  • If your bet has been declined, you can leave ONE MORE new bet which totally complies with the rules.
Participants’ rates are accepted until September, 17. The winner’s name will be announced on Monday, September, 23. The winner will be the author of the closest prediction.

ForexCup - Profitable WeeK 09/09/2013-09/13/2013 Welcomes New Participants

Monday, 2nd September 2013, registration for another weekly competition has been opened thus, the contest “Profitable WeeK 09/09/2013-09/13/2013” is waiting for its new participants.  
The competition will be held between 9th September and 13th September 2013. During 5 trading days all contestants should increase their start-up deposit of US$5,000 as much as possible. The starting capital will be available on the first day of the competition - 9th September.  

The advantages of the contest:
  • Free participation;
  • 7 prizes;
  • US$1,100 bonus pool;
  • 8 traditional currency pairs as trading tools (EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, EURGBP);
  • EAs welcomed.
Test your luck in a weekly competition at ForexCup! Isn’t it a good chance to start your way to success?

Key dates:
  • September 9, 2013 – registration ends;
  • September 9, 2013 – competition starts;
  • September 13, 2013 – competition ends;
  • September 16, 2013 – summing-up.
  • 1st place – US$200 + bonus;
  • 2nd place – US$100 + bonus;
  • 3rd place – US$40 + bonus;
  • 4th place – US$24 + bonus;
  • 5th place – US$16 + bonus;
  • 6th place – US$12+ bonus;
  • 7th place – US$8+ bonus.

1% of the profit made during the competition will be added to the account of the traders, able to increase the provided start-up deposit by 80 % or more.
Declared bonus budget – US$1,100. The maximum bonus for 1 participant – US$250.

FXOpen Holds Forex Article Contest

FXOpen a leading broker in Forex would like to inform its customers about the launch of the Forex Article Contest. This competition is scheduled to be held between 1st September and 1st October 2013.

The Forex Article Contest is an excellent opportunity for Forex traders and spectators alike to discover hidden talents, revealing a creative personality by writing about market activity. Trading activity is not obligatory for participation in the competition i.e., the text content is the main focus.

To participate in the contest simply send an article dedicated to Forex that will be judged in one of two categories, being “Forex Theory” and “Forex Success Story.” 

category has its own requirements. Forex success stories may also be of a humorous construction and may describe your personal experiences in Forex.“Forex Theory” requires a more academic approach and should demonstrate a deep understanding of the market and its principles.

Authors of the most outstanding articles will be awarded with prizes totaling US$1,400! The winner may receive between US$250 to US$500 depending on the category they choose. Prize winners will be determined by voting held in FXOpen Facebook i.e., your fellow traders will directly influence the contest results.

Interview with the 2nd Prize Winner of the Asian Forex Championship

The summer of 2013 was notable for an outstanding event – The Asian Forex Championship –held within the ForexCup project. The event attracted approximately 1,600 traders from 53 countries in the Asian region, all competing for great prizes and bonuses provided by FXOpen.

All contestants demonstrated great trading skills, dexterity and a deep knowledge of market specifics. All results were achieved by the efforts of each participant, while some traders were awarded for their excellent performance.
Farid Ikram Bin Ahmad Zabidi from Malaysia won the 2nd prize. During eight weeks of trading he made an outstanding 1,355% profit. Small margins separated him from first place generally keeping pace with the eventual winner. Farid is a deserved 2nd prize winner and a PAMM ECN Account Manager.

We contacted this exceptional trader and asked him a few questions about his participation in the Championship and his trading experience in general.

FXOpen Moves to STP Accounts

FXOpen, a leading broker in Forex trading, is delighted to announce the introduction of a new type of accounts – STP. This trading account has been developed with the help of durable and successful collaboration with the company’s clients and partners with the firm paying due attention to their requirements.

The key feature distinguishing this type of account from ECN/STP is that commission paid to the broker is included in the difference between the Best BID and the Best ASK prices i.e., spread. It is not the only distinction however, since each order goes to the market for execution, all clients could benefit by utilising the liquidity available.

FX Insight Gets Started on FXOpen Forum Again

FX Insight forum contest is getting more and more popular among the Forex traders. That is why this competition is regularly held by FXOpen within the ForexCup project.  

Yesterday, 19th August, the results of the contest “FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark! (GBP/JPY on 17.08.2013)” were summed up. According to the contest statistics, 67 forum users tried to guess the GBP/JPY closing price for the specified date i.e., 17th August. Two of them – wahidsu and Torn were lucky to suggest the most precise variant. Both traders were as close as 3 pips to the desired price value. In the end they were awarded with US$30 credited to their FXOpen accounts.

Today we invite everybody to join the next FX Insight contest. All the participants can win US$30 upon the condition that their variant of GBP/AUD closing price for 30th August 2013 (server time) is the most accurate. The registration in the competition is open until 27th August. You can join and place your bet* right now!   
Test your luck with FXOpen forum contest!
*Important! Your actions must be fully compliant with the rules of the contest otherwise, your application may not be accepted.

FOREXCUP - Profitable WeeK 08/26/2013-08/30/2013

Profitable WeeK with EURUSD and GBPUSD – Ready to Try?

ForexCup team invites traders of variable trading experience to join another weekly competition Profitable WeeK 08/26/2013-08/30/2013.”

This season has been rich in unique and peculiar events – each contest has been distinguished by its own specifics. Over just a few months ForexCup fans has participated in a traditional weekly competition and the one on crosses, in GBP WeeK and EUR Week, etc…

This time the number of trading tools is limited again. The contestants will have to use only 2 currency pairs - EURUSD and GBPUSD. Apart from this, traders will have a chance to compete for 6 main prizes at a time, get a bonus totaling US$1,100 and enjoy 5 contest days of trading!

What is more, a start-up deposit of US$5,000 will be credited to your demo account if you decide to try. All you have to do to become the winner is just to increase the provided capital as much as possible and make the largest profit.

Key dates:
  • August 26, 2013 - registration ends;
  • August 26, 2013– competition starts;
  • August 30, 2013– competition ends.
  • 1st place – US$200 + bonus;
  • 2nd place – US$80 + bonus;
  • 3rd place – US$40 + bonus;
  • 4th place – US$32 + bonus;
  • 5th place – US$28 + bonus;
  • 6th place – US$20+ bonus.
1% of the profit made during the competition will be added to the account of the traders, able to increase the provided start-up deposit by 50 % or more.
Declared bonus budget – US$1,100. The maximum bonus for 1 participant – US$250.

Withdraw Moneybookers/Skrill to Bank Account.

Here's the step by step instructions on how to withdraw money from Moneybookers or skrill to your bank account. It is very simple. If you don't have an account in Skrill, just click the screenshot below.


1. First you need to login to your Moneybookers/Skrill account then, (a) click the "Cards and Bank Accounts" and (b) click the "Add Bank Account" button as shown below.

Lists of e-currency exchangers that are closed

As of this writing here are the lists of ecurrency exchangers that are closed, scam or has been seized by the U.S. government.


The above lists are the only i know that are currently not available. I will add more when i find e-currency exchanger that are not available, closed, or scam.

FXOpen Holds FX Market Masters September 2013 Contest

FXOpen is glad to announce the launch of its regular FX Market Masters competition scheduled for Autumn 2013 at ForexCup. During 4 weeks of tough competition, traders will fight for main prizes consisting of a PAMM ECN account with a free deposit of US$1,125 and a bonus equal to 75% of the entry fees. 

The 5 best traders will receive real money prizes with other competitors receiving a bonus upon the condition that they increase their start-up deposit by 10% or more, with a total bonus pool of up to US$3500

For example, the winner of FX Market Masters April 2013 got the total prize of $1827, of which $250 was the maximum possible bonus of the profit made. 
Worth a try? We think so! 
To participate in the FX Market Masters September 2013, there is a registration fee of $6 that will be added to the contest prize fund, therefore, the more contestants who register for the competition, the greater the prize fund. 

Important! You are required to have at least US$6 in your e-Wallet to register to take part in the tournament. You can add funds to your account via any payment system. If you have funds available in your FXOpen trading account, you can transfer the needed sum to your e-Wallet. Go to your account.

Key dates:

August 7, 2013 - registration starts;
September 8, 2013 – registration ends;
August 26, 2013– competition starts;
September 20, 2013– competition ends.


1st place – US$1,125 + 75% of the entry-fees + bonus;
2nd place - US$180 + 12% of the entry-fees + bonus;
3rd place - US$75 + 5% of the entry-fees + bonus;
4th place - US$75 + 5% of the entry-fees + bonus;
5th place - US$45 + 3% of the entry-fees + bonus.


FXOpen Welcomes Traders to Forum Contest

FXOpen moves on with the popular FX Insight contests and offers another competition to FXOpen Forum users with the main prize of $30 for the most precise guess.

The contest “FX Insight” has long become popular with forum users of FXOpen broker. And it’s not surprising, since the competition does not require any investment, while a $30 prize to the real account is a good reward given that you just have to guess the closing price of a certain currency pair on a specified date.

So, if you are positive about the contest “FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark! (GBP/JPY on 17.08.2013)” and are ready to join it, please, make sure you do the following:
  • Submit your guessing of GBP/JPY rate on 17th August, 2013;
  • Share your variant* in the corresponding forum thread by 13th August, 2013;
  • Wait for the results that are to be announced on 19th August, 2013.
By the way, GBP/JPY has become the lucky currency pair for the winner of the Asian Forex Championship. Who knows, maybe it will help you win as well!

* Please, check the rules of the contest before publishing your predictions - they may not be accepted if not compliant with the format of the competition.

FREE Expert Advisor Builder for MetaTrader 4

Would you like to create your own Forex Expert Advisor? Don't look any further because it is here.
Expert Advisor Builder(EAB) allows you to create your Expert Advisor(EA) easily.
EA is a kind of the script for MetaTrader 4(MT4). You may use it for the testing of your strategy. 

You can now start creating your own EA.  Visit the site below:
Expert Advisor Builder(EAB)

Interview with the winner of Asian Forex Championship

Earlier this week ForexCup announced the results of Asian Forex Championship. The biggest regional Forex-contest was held from May 27th to July 19th, and was a total hit with over 1600 participants.

The winner, an Indonesian trader Ariful Miftakhuddin, was awarded the title "The Best Asian Trader" and a PAMM ECN account worth $3000. Ariful Miftakhuddin should really be admired for his trading talents and outstanding results! The winner made more than 2000% profit, leaving his competitors far behind. It was a clear victory.

We were lucky to interview the most successful trader in the Asian Forex Market and asked him a few questions about the championship, his trading strategy and plans for the future.

FXOpen News - MT4 versions below 500 will not be supported as from August 1, 2013

FXOpen recommends traders to update the trading platform MT4 in connection with the release of a new version of MT4 platform components. The latest version № 507 provides traders with such new abilities as quick registration of trading signals, setting the spread during testing and others. 

 The latest MT4 update also includes different corrections of several major and many minor bugs. You can download the trading platform MT4 right now in order to test the new version along with its’ new features and improvements. 

Attention! Since August, 1 2013 desktop client terminals of versions less than 500 will be no longer supported (not applied to mobile terminals). With regard to that fact we recommend all traders to update their trading terminals to the latest available version. 

Download a new version of MT4 for ECN
Download a new version of MT4 

Best regards,
FXOpen NZ Limited
Customer Service
FXOpen Live Chat (24/5)

FXOpen announces the Best Forex Trader in Asia

FXOpen, together with ForexCup, are happy to announce the results of the biggest Asian regional Forex contest – Asian Forex Championship.

The competition was held from May 27th to July 19th and was open to residents of Asian countries only. The Championship was a hit with approximately 1600 participants, fighting for impressive main prizes and bonuses worth somewhere around US$10,000. The bonus fund was divided between 163 successful traders, who managed to increase their initial deposits by 50% or more, in accordance with contest rules.
The first three prize-winning places were taken by the strongest Asian traders! Indonesian trader Ariful Miftakhuddin was awarded the title of the Best Asian Trader with a PAMM account worth US$3,000 as his prize.
Malay trader Farid Ikram Ahmad Zabidi and Sharif Abughazaleh from Jordan came in second and third. Both of them were awarded with PAMM ECN accounts worth US$2,000 and US$1,000 respectively.

FXOpen would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all participants, bonus-holders and prize-winners on good results and invites them to join future Forex contests at ForexCup.
Follow the discussion at FXOpen Forum.

Best regards,
FXOpen NZ Limited
Customer Service
FXOpen Live Chat (24/5)

The Euro Week at ForexCup - Profitable WeeK 08/05/2013-08/09/2013

ForexCup, together with FXOpen, continues holding free weekly contests with different special features. Today we are happy to announce registration for another competition “Profitable WeeK 08/05/2013-08/09/2013”, where traders are allowed to use only EUR and its crosses for trading.

Participation in this contest is totally free – thus you will not risk anything! Moreover, there are six prizes (from 8$ to 200$) and a nice bonus fund of 1100$. And the main advantage is the ability to compete with traders from all over the world, increase your trading experience and improve the strategy.
Key dates:
  • August 5, 2013 – registration ends;
  • August 5, 2013– competition starts;
  • August 9, 2013– competition ends.
  • 1st place - $200 + bonus;
  • 2nd place - $80+ bonus;
  • 3rd place - $60 + bonus;
  • 4th place - $32 + bonus;
  • 5th place - $20 + bonus;
  • 6th place – $8 + bonus.

FXOpen Goes on with FX Insight Forum Contest

FX Insight gives you another chance to test your luck and win a nice prize for your intuition and good perception of the market sentiment.

FX Insight is traditionally held on FXOpen Forum and is already available for enrolment. All you need is just to guess the rate of the currency pair specifically chosen for the competition.

See the terms of the contest below:
  • Currency pair: AUD/USD;
  • Deadline: submit your guessing of the fx rate by 23rd July, 2013;
  • Date to define the fx rate: 22.59 (server time), 26th July, 2013;
  • Prize fund: $30;
  • Date to declare the winner: 29th July, 2013.   

ForexCup - Profitable WeeK 07/22/2013-07/26/2013

Profitable WeeK with GBP and its Crosses

ForexCup welcomes everyone to a new weekly contest “Profitable WeeK 07/22/2013-07/26/2013.” This time you will have a chance to profit from trading on cross-currency pairs with GBP.
You don’t have to pay any fee to join the contest. You are offered to fight for the 6 real-money prizes! Also, one of the main attractions of this “Profitable WeeK” is a $1100 bonus pool that will be divided among the most active and successful traders.  

Join this contest and check if GBP is your lucky currency!   

Key dates:
July 21, 2013 – registration ends;
July 22, 2013– competition starts;
July 26, 2013– competition ends.
1st place - $200 + bonus;
2nd place - $92 + bonus;
3rd place - $40 + bonus;
4th place - $32 + bonus;
5th place - $20 + bonus;
6th place – $16 + bonus.

ForexCup - Profitable WeeK 07/08/2013-07/12/2013

ForexCup Invites Traders to the 1st Weekly Contest on Crosses

ForexCup invites everyone to take part in free weekly competitions this summer. A number of Forex traders have already participated in the traditional contest “Profitable WeeK” where classic currency pairs were offered as the only trading instrument.

This time ForexCup launches a specific competition – contestants will have to trade exclusively on cross-pairs. So, if you are ready to take up the challenge, welcome to «Profitable WeeK 07/08/2013-07/12/2013»!

The new contest provides 6 prizes at a time, the sizeable bonus pool, an opportunity to trade on 41 currency pairs and to test FXOpen One Click Trading Level2 Plugin.
Join the contest and it may be the crosses to hand you the victory!

Key dates:
July 8, 2013 – registration ends;
July 8, 2013– competition starts;
July 12, 2013– competition ends.

  • 1st place - $200 + bonus;
  • 2nd place - $100 + bonus;
  • 3rd place - $48 + bonus;
  • 4th place - $24 + bonus;
  • 5th place - $16 + bonus;
  • 6th place – $12 + bonus.