Withdraw Moneybookers/Skrill to Bank Account.

Here's the step by step instructions on how to withdraw money from Moneybookers or skrill to your bank account. It is very simple. If you don't have an account in Skrill, just click the screenshot below.


1. First you need to login to your Moneybookers/Skrill account then, (a) click the "Cards and Bank Accounts" and (b) click the "Add Bank Account" button as shown below.

Skrill Add Bank Account
Moneybookers / Skrill Add Bank Account

2. Complete the form: (a) Enter your Country, (b) Enter SWIFT #, (c) Enter your Bank Account #, then click (d) "Add account and continue" as shown in the screenshot above.

3. After you enter all your Bank account and credit/debit card you can see all the lists if you click (a) "Cards and Bank Accounts" button, see screenshot below. You need to verify them to increase your transaction limit such as deposit and withdrawal amount.

4. It's time to withdraw some money from Moneybookers to my Bank Account. Just click (a) Withdraw button. As you can see, i made some transactions:
(c) Bank Transfer or Bank withdrawal and 
(d) received money.  

To view all your transactions, just click the (b) "All Transactions" button
See screenshots bellow.

5. Fill-up the (a) Amount to Withdraw, and then click (b) Continue button. See above screenshot for more details.

6. Withdrawal step 2 : review and confirm: (screenshot above)
Amount to withdraw, Withdraw fee, Bank account and the processing time are shown on the screenshot above.

Your date of birth is needed to confirm this transaction. Then you need to click (a) " Withdraw money" to finish the transaction.

7.  Pending Transaction screenshot:
Just go to your Account Overview to see all the status of pending transactions.
The funds will be available in 2-5 days. And you can contact Skrill after 5 days if the money has not arrived.

..... to be continued......

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