ForexCup - Scalping Virtuoso-5

Start your New Year with Scalping Virtuoso-5 – and it will be interesting, we promise!

Christmas and New Year Holidays are in the air! But ForexCup Team is not going to reduce the number of contests. On the contrary, we are getting ready for January 2014 and invite you to join Scalping Virtuoso-5!

Such competition’s format has become really popular among traders and attracted its own fans. What is the secret of Scalping Virtuoso series?
  • Maybe, it’s in contest duration? 5 trading days – it’s rather quick and does not bore you;
  • Maybe you enjoy different trading instruments? Actually, this time we offer 8 of them – let’s start a year in a classic way;
  • Maybe it’s in unlimited scalping? Yes, you are right, we offer the unlimited scalping conditions in that contest;
  • Maybe the thing is in the guaranteed prize fund? No matter how many participants join the competition, we will give prizes to all dignified traders;
  • Or maybe it’s in effort to win? Don’t miss your chance to join one more contest – and catch your own luck!

FXOpen Promotion: Christmas Holidays with No Commission Deposits

FXOpen Promotion: Christmas Holidays with No Commission Deposits 

FXOpen is introducing the no commission deposit incentive for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

From December 20th till January 15th 2014 no commissions will be charged for deposits to FXOpen accounts made by credit/debit cards or via any online payment system available with FXOpen. It does not include deposits made by wire transfer.

ForexCup - Chinese Forex Championship!

It’s high time to join a new battle for prizes and bonuses! Chinese Forex Championship has just opened!

On the Christmas and New Year Eve ForexCup, together with FXOpen, makes a great gift for traders. We have just opened the registration in Chinese Forex Championship!

We have selected China particularly not on the spot. The thing is that Chinese traders have shown the greatest results in recent ForexCup competition. That’s why we decided to define the Best Chinese Trader – and the format of Championship is really suitable for this.
What can you expect while participating in the Chinese Forex Championship?
  • 8 trading weeks and extended registration – join the contest when you decide to;
  • Free participation is a nice term of any competition itself;
  • $US 4000 for bonuses – increase your virtual start-up capital by at least 20% and take away the part of it to your real trading account;
  • Participation in the Championship (as well as bonuses!) is available for traders from all over the world – use your chance to fight with professionals;
  • 49 currency pairs, EAs and locking available, all the best features of ForexCup contests – use everything to show what you can achieve!

Results of the FXOpen Forex Article Contest-2 Announced

Results of the FXOpen Forex Article Contest-2 Announced

The second leg of the Forex Article Contest has come to an end. It started on November 11th 2013 and lasted for about 5 weeks. The competition aroused genuine interest in the Forex community and today FXOpen is ready to announce the names of the best authors.
The contest organizers are pleased to see that more traders took part in the second round. In their articles, they shared deep market knowledge and Forex trading experience. The most interesting articles were published in the company’s blogs and highlighted in the social networks.

The FXOpen team thanks all of the participants for their creativity and zeal. One contestant, Igor Titara, deserves special attention. He was awarded the title of the Most Active Participant for having submitted the most number of articles, just as he did during the first leg of the Forex Article Contest. For this, Igor receives a special $100 prize from FXOpen!

FXOpen Trading Hours on Christmas and New Year 2014

Trading Hours on Christmas and New Year 2014

Dear Clients,

Please note the following changes to the trading hours and terms during the Christmas and New Year holiday season:

FX (Currencies)

Tue 24 December 2013- normal trading hours

Wed 25 December 2013- CLOSED, REOPENS at 22:00 GMT (or 00.00 GMT +2 FXOpen Server Time)

Thu 26 December 2013- normal trading hours

Tue 31 December 2013 - for ECN accounts - normal trading hours; for STP & MM accounts (Standard and Micro) trading closes at 18:00 GMT (or 20.00 GMT +2 FXOpen Server Time)

Wed 1 January 2014- CLOSED, REOPENS at 22:00 GMT (or 00.00 GMT +2 FXOpen Server Time)

Thu 2 January 2014- normal trading hours

ForexCup - Scalping Virtuoso-4

They say that Friday 13th is a mysterious day. But we are sure that it will definitely bring luck! Thus, today we welcome traders to the next round of the scalping marathon – Scalping Virtuoso-4!

What are we ready to offer this time? The contestants may expect:
  • 8 currency pairs – why not to master trading skills on “classics”?
  • 9 prizes at a time – the more prizes the better, right?
  • 5 trading days on New Year’s Eve – isn’t it a good chance to earn money for Christmas gifts?
  • US$300 of the guaranteed budget form FXOpen – why not to award good traders despite the total number of the contest participants?
  • Unlimited opportunities for scalping and EA trading – why should you deny yourselves pleasures?

ForexCup - Scalping Virtuoso-3

ForexCup team informs: the last month of the departing year will be very active and rich in various Forex events! Thus, today, along with the ongoing registration for the weekly competition, we launch the 3rd round of the Scalping Virtuoso contest!

ForexCup - Profitable WeeK 12/11/2013-12/18/2013

The last few weeks at ForexCup have been dedicated to a new format of paid weekly contests – Scalping Virtuoso. This, however, does not imply that we have decided to abandon our traditional competitions. We just cannot deprive our traders of their favorite contests! So, today, December 4th, we launch the registration for the free weekly competition “Profitable WeeK 12/11/2013-12/18/2013.”