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Scalping Virtuoso-14 Kicks off on November 24

Did you miss ForexCup scalping competitions? If so, cheer up! Soon you will have an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to generate profits from small price fluctuations.

The “Scalping Virtuoso-14” round will will be held from November 24 to November 28. Traders will try out various scalping technics and compete for the prizes. 5 most successful scalpers will get money prizes to their live accounts.

The guaranteed prize fund amounts to US$500. But the most pleasant part of the competition is no scalping restrictions! There will be no obstacles on your way to the victory! Put new scalping tactics to the test, use locking and expert advisors.

Scalping Virtuoso-14 is Coming

Scalping Virtuoso-14 conditions:

  • US$5 entry fee;
  • 50 currency pairs;
  • 5 trading days.
To participate in the competition you should have at least US$5 in your eWallet. You can add funds to your account via any payment system. If you have funds available in your FXOpen trading account, you can transfer the needed sum to your e-Wallet. Go to your account.


  • 1st place - 50% *;
  • 2nd place - 25% *;
  • 3rd place - 10% *;
  • 4th place - 8% *;
  • 5th place - 7% *;
*- of the bonus fund sum or of the guaranteed prize if the competition prize pool is lower than US$500.

Key dates:

  • November 12 - registration starts;
  • November 24 - registration ends;
  • November 24 - competition starts;
  • November 28 - competition ends;
  • December 1 - summing-up.

Terms of the contest:

  • Entry fee - US$5;
  • Guaranteed prize fund: US$500
  • Trading platform: MetaTrader 4 (download);
  • Contest account: competition ECN;
  • Start-up deposit: US$5,000;
  • Leverage: 1:100;
  • EAs: allowed;
  • Locking: allowed;
  • Lot volume: from 0.1 to 100;
  • Number of orders, opened at a time (including pending orders): 100.


  • Total trades minimum quantity: 5.
  • Total trades minimum volume (lots): 5.

Dear Traders,
Note, please that your trades are automatically closed at the end of the contest. Therefore, the closing price may be either the same as the market closing price, or it may differ from it. It is reasoned by the fact that your trades are usually closed not immediately, but with some delay.

Basic requirements to be eligible for a prize/bonus:

  • Make at least one post in the corresponding thread of FXOpen Forum (otherwise prizes and bonuses will be abolished);
  • Make at least 5 trades of 5 lots’ total volume during the contest and increase your start-up deposit (to be eligible for a bonus your start-up deposit must exceed US$5,000.

Useful links:

Use your Competitiveness in Profitable Week (September, 17-24)

Profitable Week is the most popular ForexCup competition for several reasons: no entry fees, US$1,600 prize and bonus budget, and 10 prize-takers.
Seems like a dream? We assure you, it is real. Thousands of traders have already participated in the competition, some of which have become regular contestants while others upgraded their demo accounts to real ones to profit from trading on a daily basis.

Countdown to Scalping Virtuoso-12 Has Begun

True scalpers are used to short time-frames so we are giving you just a 12-day notice till the next “Scalping Virtuoso” round.
Starting from September 8, 2014 you’ll have a chance to profit from price fluctuations of 50 trading instruments. To participate in the contest you’ll need an amazing sense of balance, ability to scan the market and just US5$ in your eWallet.

Are you ready to prove you are the best scalper?

Key reasons to join the race:

  1. US $400 guaranteed prize fund;
  2. Entry fee is just US$5!
  3. 50 currency pairs;
  4. 5 trading days;
  5. No restrictions!
New Forex Contest Scapling Virtuoso-12 is On

Are you ready to scalp till final victory? Join now!

Get US$30 with FX Insight Forum Contest

You don’t have to be a fortune-teller to make fortune. Your knowledge, analytical abilities and a bit of luck may bring you to success.

Join FX Insight forum contest to win a real-money prize by predicting closing price for the EUR/JPY currency pair on the specified date. The winner will get $30 to real STP-account to later invest it and eventually make greater profits.

This round’s currency pair is EUR/JPY. The participants are to guess the precise closing price for the currency pair on September 13, 2014. Bids are accepted up to and including September, 9.

The FX Insight Contest is On

FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark! (AUD/USD on 30.08.2014).

Cash in Your Intuition With FX Insight Forum Contest 

The beauty of FX Insight forum contest is its simplicity. You can get real money for a single post on ForexCup forum.
Your message must contain prediction on closing price for the AUD/USD currency pair on the specified date. The winner will get $30 to his/her STP-account.
You don’t need professional education, specific equipment or years of trading experience. It's only your knowledge and trader’s instinct that matter. Participate, win and invest your prize!

This time currency pair is AUD/USD. Guess the precise closing price on August, 30. Note that your bids are accepted up to and including August, 26.

Contest’s rules:
  • Each registered forumer may share only one variant of the FX rate in the competition thread.
  • Your bet should not repeat other contestants’ variants.
  • Spreads between the contestants’ bets must exceed 5 pips.
  • Your bet should not be edited or deleted.
For more information read the forum thread! Log in, make your bet, and win US$30.
We wish you traders' luck!

Follow ForexCup Facebook page for contests announcements, interviews and motivation.

Seek fresh analytics, news updates and fellow traders’ companionship on FXOpen Facebook page.

FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark! (NZD/USD on 16.08.2014)

Join The Upcoming "FX Insight". Test Your Luck! Hit The Mark! 

Everybody enjoys the feeling they get when they win. We are sure you do as well! So we are announcing a new round of the "FX Insight" contest! You are most welcome to send your entries!

It’s Time to Place Your Bid: New “FX Insight” is On

ForexCup team is happy to invite everybody to the new round of "FX Insight", an exciting regular contest held on the FXOpen Forum.

This time the participants are offered to test their luck with the GBP/JPY currency pair.
Join "FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark! (GBP/JPY on 2nd Aug 2014)"; and try to guess the FX rate. The contestant suggesting the right variant will be awarded US$30. Ready to give it a shot?

Terms of the competition:
  • The currency pair to guess the FX rate: GBP/JPY;
  • The date to guess the FX rate: closed at 22:59 August 1, 2014 (server time);
  • The deadline for your entries: July 29, 2014;
  • The date to announce the winner's name: August 4, 2014;
  • Free participation;
  • US$30 prize to the account registered with FXOpen.
Visit the official competition thread to learn more about the participation, the rate parameters and the other contestants' bids.

A little bit of luck and confidence - and the bonus is yours!

Welcome to Scalping Virtuoso-11

ForexCup team welcomes you to the next round of the Scalping Virtuoso competitions! If you'd like to test and improve your scalping techniques, this contest is for you! A unique experience at Forex is guaranteed!

Scalping Virtuoso is a growth area for Forex traders who can safely test scalping strategies and improve their trading skills. It could also be a good start for those making their first steps in Forex and willing to check how profitable and effective the method of scalping could be. A wide range of opportunities with minimum risk is what makes the essence of this competition. The only loss you may incur is a US$5 entry fee, which it so insignificant compared to the potential gains the contest promises.

The first “CryptoMania” is over — it’s time of awards now!

In the beginning of June ForexCup team launched a new series of contests - "CryptoMania"

During four weeks of competition hundreds of traders fought for worthy prizes and bonuses together with studying new trading instruments. Today we are ready to sum up the results, award the winners and share the impressions about the contest.

929 traders decided to join the event of a brand-new format. The organizers prepared US$3000 for them as the bonus fund and set the bonus threshold to 10%. So, 156 participants managed to get a reward for a profitable trading.

ForexCup reveals the main intrigue of summer’2014 — we name the winners of the Asian Forex Championship!

ForexCup team would like to inform you about the end of the Asian Forex Championship 2014!
During 8 trading weeks the global Forex event was really popular all over the world. It was the subject of disputes and admiration by thousands of traders who discussed the event in different Internet-platforms.

The Championship ended on Friday, July 27. And we must admit that it was one of the large-scale ForexCup events. Check out the statistics:

  • The number of participants totals 1251 traders. It’s quite impressive, isn’t it?
  • The best result of the contest is 852% of profit;
  • The incredible main prize is US$3000 (and do not forget about the additional bonus for successful trading);
  • As for the bonuses — the bonus fund was shared among 195 participants;
  • And the contest provided all participants with priceless experience, knowledge and skills — that is something that can’t be estimated in the money equivalent.
But the main question remains open — who is the winner?

Philippines stocks exchange News June 30, 2014

STOCKS IN FOCUS (brief but comprehensive company analyses with Target Price and Buy/Sell/Hold recommendation):
1. Global Estate Resorts Inc. (GERI) - FREE Access!
2. Other Stocks in Focus: Petron Corp. (PCOR) / Robinsons Land (RLC) / Cebu Pacific (CEB) / Banco de Oro (BDO)

SPECIAL REPORTS (easy to understand brokers' opinion and analysis of recent market updates):​

HOUSE (8990 Holdings) buys 8.47-hectare Tondo property


1. Technicals List (with technical events and detailed trading indicators)
2. Technicals Talk: SM - FREE Access!
2. Other Technicals Talk: ACR / BEL / TEL / SMC / RLC / CEB

RANKINGS OF 80+ STOCKS (sort them alphabetically, by profit potential, or by recommendation ratings)
1. Stock Rankings for All Stocks
2. Stock Rankings: PSEi Stocks
3. Stock Rankings: Growth and Value Stocks
4. Stock Rankings: Speculative Stocks

July Getting Closer — it’s Time to Join “FX Market Masters July 2014”

July Getting Closer — it’s Time to Join “FX Market Masters July 2014”  

The more contests you take part in, the more experience you gain! ForexCup team is sure about that and therefore opens registration in one more contest - “FX Market Masters July 2014”.

The contest has lots of advantages- no doubt, it will be popular with different groups of traders, such as:

  • Pragmatic traders - 4 trading weeks are enough to think over the trading strategy;
  • Self-confident traders- they will fight for 5 prizes while the prize fund totals US$1500;
  • Thorough traders- they are definitely willing to get bonuses and know what should b done for that — 10% of profit and bonus is in the pocket;
  • Provident traders- they know that the entry fee will reduce the competition and give more chances to win;
  • Ambitious traders- the main prize is a PAMM ECN/STP account, which is worth fighting!
As usual, all participants will enjoy inspiring contest atmosphere, will be able to develop their trading skills and compete with contestants from all over the world.

FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark! (GBP/NZD on 21.06.2014)

FXOpen team knows for sure that a cash bonus is a necessary condition for a successful start of any trading operations. And we are ready to give it to you — just guess the GBP/NZD closing price on June, 20.

Join the forum contest “FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark!

You guarantee that:

  1. You are a member of the FXOpen forum or you will join it right now (it’s quick and easy!);
  2. You will read the detailed terms of the competition in the corresponding forum thread;
  3. You will guess the rate of GBP/NZD on June, 20 (the market closing time);
  4. You will leave a reply with your variant in the forum thread;
  5. You will wait until June, 23 — and we will announce the winner’s name.

We guarantee:

  1. A proper control on the compliance with the contest rules;
  2. Regular notifications of accepting/rejecting your bids;
  3. The announcement of the contest results within the specified period and a nearly instant deposit of your bonus.
A little bit of luck and confidence — and the bonus is yours!
Go for it!

Free Weekly Contest “Profitable WeeK 06/18/2014-06/25/2014” Started. Join It!

Recently ForexCup team has created and presented a variety of brand-new contests. But we know that many traders appreciate our popular classic competitions. So, today we invite you to join a regular free Profitable Week.


Let us recall you the classic terms:

  1. Free participation — you do not have to pay any fees or somehow use your own money. It means that your balance will stay positive anyway;
  2. 5 trading days “between Wednesday and Wednesday” — you can work out your strategy, correct it during the weekend and finish the contest with the best possible result;
  3. 50 trading pairs for your choice — the variety of trading instruments will make your participation even more comfortable;
  4. 6 prizes for participants with the best results — do your best, follow the rules and get worthy prizes;
  5. A bonus fund of US$1100 — we guarantee that all successful participants will get a part of it. All you have to do is to increase a start-up deposit by 80% or more.

Scalping Virtuoso-10 — join the anniversary contest!

Today, on May 28, 2014, ForexCup opens registration for the 10th Scalping Virtuoso contest. Anyone who is interested in scalping techniques is welcome to join the competition.

The 10th tournament is the first anniversary for Scalping Virtuoso. The competition creators are happy about its popularity and would like to thank everybody who has ever joined the contest.

How You Will Start Your Summer? Join CryptoMania June’14 at ForexCup!

Summer is the best season for any activities. ForexCup team joins the trend and is happy to introduce CryptoMania, a new series of Forex contests. The first competition will start on June 9.

The idea of CryptoMania is not a random one. Virtual currencies are becoming more and more popular day by day and FXOpen Company offers lots of opportunities for Crypto trading. That’s why it was quite consecutive to create a contest based on cryptocurrencies trading. From now on everybody can test Crypto accounts and even get a cash reward in case of successful trading.

Exchange Your Cryptotrading Knowledge for Bitcoins – Join the Forex Article Contest

FXOpen объявляет о проведении Чемпионата Азии по Форекс 2014

FXOpen is currently holding the 4th round of the Forex Article Contest. Launched on April 24th, the contest topic is Cryptocurrency Trading and is particularly appealing to the community of e-currency traders and to all those who follow the latest trends in the financial markets.

FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark! (GBP/AUD on 24.05.2014)

ForexCup team invites everybody to join “FX Insight,” an exciting competition at FXOpen Forum.

FX Insight is a series of forum contest held on a regular basis. They have already found their audience and become popular due to simple competition rules and almost instant crediting of prize money to the winner’s live account in the company.

So, if you have decided to join “FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark! (GBP/AUD on 24.05.2014)”, pay your attention to the following:

  • GBP/AUD is the currency pair to guess the FX rate;
  • The date to guess the FX rate: closed at 22:59 May 23, 2014 (terminal time);
  • Deadline for your entries: May 20;
  • The winner’s name will be announced on May 26;
  • Free participation and US$30 prize to the account registered with FXOpen.
Visit the official contest thread to learn the detailed terms of participation, the rate parameters and other contestants’ variants.

Try to guess the course and let the luck follow you!

Should you have any questions please contact us by e-mail

Get Free Bitcoin on Crypto Account

Open a new Crypto account with FXOpen and get a welcome bonus in Bitcoin equivalent of $US10!

FXOpen introduces a no-deposit incentive – welcome bonus in Bitcoin (or a $US10 equivalent value) !

Trading Accounts in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Gold.

FXOpen extends its multi-currency accounts offering by launching trading accounts denominated in Bitcoin (MBT), Litecoin (LTC) and Gold (GLD). Bitcoin and Litecoin are available as account currency when opening Crypto accounts, and Gold is available for ECN and STP accounts.

These accounts have exactly the same benefits and trading conditions as ECN, STP or Crypto accounts denominated in USD or any other currency. The only difference is that Bitcoin, Litecoin and Gold will be used as the “base asset” to display balance, profit and other parameters of your trading account in MetaTrader 4 (MT4).

For your convenience, we have used smaller, “fractional” values, comparable to 1 USD or 1 EURO, as units of the base asset for these accounts:
  • 1 GLD – 0.001 troy ounce (equal to approx. 0.03 grams of gold) for Gold-based accounts;
  • 1 MBT – (1 milli-bitcoin) or 0.001 BTC – for Bitcoin accounts;
  • 1 LTC – for Litecoin accounts.

Pinoy Investor - Make smart investment decisions

Are you a new stock trader or an expert trader, this is for you? Join for FREE and make the right stock investment decisions. Be guided by the country's top brokers.

PinoyInvestor large rectangle - 336x280

Get INTELLIGENT stock analysis, reports, & recommendations from the real experts who have been profiting in the stock market for over 100++ years: the Philippines' biggest brokerage firms! Try PinoyInvestor now for FREE to get their:
  • Top Picks and Buy/Sell/Hold Recommendations!
  • Stock Target Prices!
  • Exclusive Stock Market Reports!

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Asian Forex Championship 2014 — Guess the Winner’s Homeland!

Last year ForexCup started a nice tradition to hold regional Forex Championships. Hundreds of participants have already fought for the titles of the Best Russian, Chinese and Asian traders.

So, it’s high time to launch Asian Forex Championship 2014!

The world-class competition will start on May 5, 2014 and will continue until the end of June.

You are offered the following benefits:

  • 8 trading weeks — it’s long enough to develop a trading strategy and make the biggest profit;
  • 3 main prizes for Asians only* — US$3,000, US$1,800 and US$1,200 for the first, second and third places respectively. So, there are at least three reasons to join!
  • The bonus fund of US$6,000 available for everyone. Increase your start-up capital by 20% or more and a cash bonus is yours;
  • An excellent opportunity to develop your trading skills, test or create a new strategy, learn from other participants’ experience and enjoy the atmosphere of the Forex battle;
  • By the way, participation is FREE.

FXOpen Resumes Forex Article Contest with Focus on Cryptocurrency

FXOpen is happy to announce the resumption of the Forex Article Contest on April 24th, 2014. The organizers have amended the concept as well as the competition terms. The contest is now expected to be particularly appealing to cryptocurrency traders.

Considering the latest market developments and the ever-growing interest of the Forex community in cryptocurrency trading, the contest organizers want to create a special environment for exchanging knowledge and experience in transacting in Bitcoins, Litecoins and other virtual currencies. This sharing of relevant trading articles will help make the competition become a knowledge base on cryptocurrency specifics, benefiting all traders and enriching their trading experience.

You are encouraged to join the Forex Article Contest by sending your entries on digital currency trading between April 24th and June 8th. In the article, you can share your personal achievements in this field and cover various aspects of e-trading under different scenarios. Our expert judges will select the top 7 articles whose authors are going to share the prize fund totaling US$1,300.

ForexCup - Profitable WeeK 04/16/2014-04/23/2014

ForexCup team is happy to invite both Forex newbies and professionals to a regular weekly contest — Profitable WeeK 04/16/2014-04/23/2014.

All in all, Profitable WeeK is one of the most well-known ForexCup tournaments. Such contests usually gather about a thousand of participants.

Such popularity is a sign of the competition attractiveness to traders of any kind. Profitable WeeK offers free participation, a great amount of available trading instruments, significant prize and bonus funds. What is more, the contest gives an ability to feel the competition atmosphere, to develop your trading strategy and upgrade skills of a Forex trader.

Register and get your own idea about "Profitable WeeK 04/16/2014-04/23/2014"!

FXOpen Offers Partnership Program for Crypto Accounts

FXOpen Offers Partnership Program for Crypto Accounts
FXOpen informs the company’s clients and partners about the introduction of a new referral program for Crypto accounts. With the new program, they can get a reliable source of income by bringing in new clients to cryptocurrency trading and receiving a commission from each trade they close.

Key benefits of the referral program for Crypto accounts
By introducing new clients (referrals) to FXOpen Crypto accounts, you, as an agent, get the following advantages:

FXOpen Adds BTC/CNH and LTC/CNH Cryptocurrency Pairs

FXOpen expands the list of available trading instruments to include BTC/CNH and LTC/CNH, which are likely to be of particular interest to customers from China.

Since the launch of the new Crypto accounts in early February, FXOpen has significantly improved its trading environment by adjusting it to the needs of the modern Forex community with its ever increasing focus on digital currencies such as Bitcoins, Litecoins and others.

The company has recently introduced 24/7 cryptocurrency trading without any swap charges, and has offered commission-free deposits in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Namecoin since February.

Clients and partners are also encouraged to test Crypto accounts in a demo environment, accessible via the MT4 ECN Demo terminal.

For further details about Crypto accounts, please go to FXOpen Knowledge Base.

Follow the discussion on the FXOpen Forum and in the company's social networks FXOpen Facebook and Google+.

Best regards,
FXOpen NZ Limited
Customer Service
FXOpen Live Chat (24/5)

Forexcup - Profitable WeeK 04/02/2014-04/09/2014

The ForexCup team has recently introduced the redisigned web-site of the project with some new functional features. The maintenance work is almost over, so it’s time to open a spring contest season. Welcome to «Profitable WeeK 04/02/2014-04/09/2014»!


Check out the most important features of the nearest competition:

    5 trading days, April 2-9 – a “between Wednesday and Wednesday” competition with a weekend break; 
    Totally free participation — one of the contest’s advantages; 
    49 currency pairs – choose your favorite trading instruments; 
    8 prizes for the best traders – let’s start with really great trading terms; 
    US$ 1100 for bonuses – a nice offer for all successful participants.

Get ready for a prosperous spring and spend it with ForexCup!

The Interview with the Best Chinese Trader

Chinese Forex Championship, which was held at ForexCup, became an important event for the whole Forex community. The great prizes and bonuses from FXOpen, lots of participants convenient contest conditions and time period made it the key conversation topic all over the world.

No doubt, the name of the winner set curiosity agog. Finally, the name of the Best Chinese Trader became known – it is Chuan Feng Lin. Over the 8 trading weeks he made a 1060% profit. This outstanding result provided the leader with the honorable title, US$ 3000 as the main prize and the cash bonus in his real account.
ForexCup Team was lucky to ask the leader a few questions. In the interview you can find out the winner’s attitude towards trading, some secrets of his strategy and the reasons that pushed him to participate in the tournament.

1.Could you please tell us a few words about yourself? 
My name is Chuan Feng Lin, I am 40 years old. I live in China, in Ping Tan. I am married. I work in the seafood industry. Updated Design and Functionality

Dear clients,

ForexCup Team is happy to introduce the updated design of the website.

We have also added a few functional features:

  • A new type of a personal profile, which is easier to adjust. It is created to simplify the management traders accounts and competitions;

  • A renewed mapping of available contests, statistics, announcements and project news.

We hope that the updated version of will guide better through the project competitions and make the participations in them more comfortable and enjoyable.

In case of any inconveniences or technical bugs, please, email

Kind regards,