The Contest "Best FXOpen Forum Trader - Spring 2013”

FXOpen announces a new contest for the best trader of FXOpen forum. The event starts on April 1 and will last for 4 trading weeks! The prize fund makes up to $1200, while the most successful participants will receive real cash bonuses totaling $800!

The contest invites all registered forum users, who have opened a demo account and made at least 30 posts.
According to the rules of the competition, each participant must leave his posts in the thread "Spring 2013 Best Trader." He is required to describe every trade he makes in the competition account, at the opening of which he receives the initial deposit of $5000. If this term is violated, the participant will be disqualified and deprived of his prize.

All the participants are encouraged not only to indicate the parameters of their trades (like currency pair, lot size, Buy/Sell and so on), but to reason their trading behavior, make some forecasts and share plans for their future trading activity. It would be perfect if you support your description with screen shots or similar schemes so that other traders could understand you better.

There are 3 prizes in the competition:
1st place - $504;
2nd place - $396;
3rd place - $300.
The total amount of bonuses equals $800! 

ForexCup Affiliate

The FXOpen Multilevel affiliate program lets traders who participate in the ForexCup competitions to make money by bringing new clients to FXOpen.
Just place your referral link on the Forex or finance-related Web sites and start attracting referals!
Introduce your friends to Forex and build up your own agent network!
You can learn about our other affiliate programs here.

Payment Terms:
  • Commission remunerations for referal’s trades on Micro and Standard accounts start from 1 pip;
  • Commission remunerations on ECN accounts up to 50% of FXOpen’s ECN commission;
  • Loyalty program remunerations that depend on the referral's account type;
  • Commission is added automatically to your account once a day for all trades made by your referrals during the day;
  • Information regarding referrals and commissions can be found in the Partnership section of MyFXOpen personal area.

Commission levels:
Suppose you brought in three clients via your referral link (Level 1 or direct referrals). One of the three also referred three clients (your 2nd level referrals or “downline”) and one of the latter three attracted three more (your 3rd level referrals or “downline”). In this case you become a Level 1 Agent and will receive additional commission from each trader attracted by your clients. The commission is distributed the way shown in the figure below:

ForexCup - Profitable Week 03/25/2013 - 03/29/2013

ForexCup contests provide traders with the great chance not only to test their own trading strategy, but also to earn cash prizes and bonuses to a real account!
One of the main purposes of such competitions is to bring out successful traders and recommend them to posts of managers of large-scale accounts registered with FXOpen. Thereby, we invite ambitious Forex players to participate in the next qualifying tournament, which will be held since March, 25 to March, 29. The winner of the contest will receive a prize ($200) and a cash bonus. Participation is free and everyone is able to receive a bonus – all you have to do is just to increase a start-up capital by 50% or more.
  Advantages of the competition:

- Free participation;
- The main prize is $200;
- Each participant is able to get a cash bonus;
- Total bonus fund is $1000;
- Trading is held on demo ECN accounts.

  Key dates:

March, 25
– the contest will start;
March, 26 – the registration will be closed;
March, 29 – the contest will end;
April, 1 – results will be summed up.

While participating in the contest, you will feel the spirit of competition and, if you are a lucky guy, you will enjoy the happiness of victory! Moreover, such tournaments can provide you with some additional funds at your account and also help to understand the principles of ECN trading.
We would like to lay stress on the fact that participation in the contest “Profitable WeeK 03/25/2013-03/29/2013” is totally free and all conditions are the same for everyone, who will join it.
  It’s really easy to participate in the competition:

The first spring ForexCup contest

A new contest “FX Market Masters March 2013” will be held since March, 18 till April, 12. The prize fund of the tournament amounts to $5000. A winner will become a Manager of a PAMM ECN account with the balance of more than $1000!

The winner of the comparable contest, “FX Market Masters January 2013”, received the PAMM ECN account with the balance of $1651. Together with bonus, his prize capital totally amounts to $1901! Therewith, 29 best participants of the competition received prizes for a total of almost $5000 (read more).

Hereby, while participating in ForexCup contest, you can earn your personal dignified capital, put it up into real trading and get worthy profit!

We would like to bring to your mind that all smash participants, who increase a provided start-up capital by 10% or more, will receive a cash bonus which amounts to 1% of their profit.

Participation in the competition is paid; the entry fee is $6. The prize fund of the contest consists of all entry fees and the sponsorship from FXOpen.

Participation in the contest is paid (an entry fee is $6). Remember that in order to participate it is necessary to have at least $6 on your e-Wallet (the sum of an entry fee). You can deposit necessary sum to your account via any payment system. If you have some funds in your FXOpen trading account, you can move the necessary sum to your e-Wallet. Go to your account.

There are 5 prizes:

Guess the course of EUR/nzd on March, 16

We invite everybody to take part in our new competition for traders “Test your luck! Hit the mark!”
Results of the last February contest “Guess the course” have been summed up today. Such competitions are very popular among users of the FXOpen forum. The task of participants was really simple – they have had to make the closest prediction for the course of GBP/JPY at the end of a trading day on March, 1.

The most accurate prediction was made by a forum user with the nickname Rewt. He presumed the course to stop at 140.40 and in fact the signification of the rate appeared to be 140.52. We congratulate the winner with his divination and transfer $30 to his account!

Contests of a type “Guess the course” are usually held at FXOpen forum. We invite everybody to join the nearest one - «FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark! (EUR/nzd on 16.03.2013)».

For this once participants have to guess the course of EUR/nzd at the end of the trading day on March, 15. Rates will be accepted until March, 11 and the winner will get a cash prize ($30 to his account) on March, 18!

Terms of the contest: