ForexCup - Profitable Week 03/25/2013 - 03/29/2013

ForexCup contests provide traders with the great chance not only to test their own trading strategy, but also to earn cash prizes and bonuses to a real account!
One of the main purposes of such competitions is to bring out successful traders and recommend them to posts of managers of large-scale accounts registered with FXOpen. Thereby, we invite ambitious Forex players to participate in the next qualifying tournament, which will be held since March, 25 to March, 29. The winner of the contest will receive a prize ($200) and a cash bonus. Participation is free and everyone is able to receive a bonus – all you have to do is just to increase a start-up capital by 50% or more.
  Advantages of the competition:

- Free participation;
- The main prize is $200;
- Each participant is able to get a cash bonus;
- Total bonus fund is $1000;
- Trading is held on demo ECN accounts.

  Key dates:

March, 25
– the contest will start;
March, 26 – the registration will be closed;
March, 29 – the contest will end;
April, 1 – results will be summed up.

While participating in the contest, you will feel the spirit of competition and, if you are a lucky guy, you will enjoy the happiness of victory! Moreover, such tournaments can provide you with some additional funds at your account and also help to understand the principles of ECN trading.
We would like to lay stress on the fact that participation in the contest “Profitable WeeK 03/25/2013-03/29/2013” is totally free and all conditions are the same for everyone, who will join it.
  It’s really easy to participate in the competition:

1. Press “JOIN” in your personal area;
2. Download and install MetaTrader 4;
3. Choose the contest, enter received login, password and server into the trading terminal (File=>Log in).

Terms of the contest:
• Trading instruments: 49 currency pairsr;
• Trading platform: MetaTrader 4 (download)
• Contest’s account: ECN demo;
• Start-up deposit: $5000;
• Leverage: 1:100;
• Advisors are forbidden;
• Lots: from 0.1 to 1 (one order can be opened with 1 lot maximum);
• The maximum number of orders, opened at a time (including pending orders): 3


*Bonuses’ limitations:
-The amount of the bonus for one trader cannot exceed $ 250 (or 500% of profit);
-The total amount of all bonuses in the competition cannot exceed $1000. If the budget is exceeded, we will reduce the bonuses based on the difference between the actual sum of all bonuses and our budget.

Withdrawal of bonuses
Bonuses can be withdrawn once you complete the following requirements: no earlier than in 30 days; also you should make at least 20 trades of 10 minutes each one.

Withdrawal of prizes:
Prizes can be withdrawn at any time, in other words, after receiving prize money to your trading account, you can withdraw it through any payment system available at FXOpen.

Important links:
- Instruction for registration;
- Rules;
- FAQ;
- Forum.

 Good luck!

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