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We hope that the updated version of will guide better through the project competitions and make the participations in them more comfortable and enjoyable.

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FXOpen to Introduce Changes to PAMM Service

We would like to inform our clients about the upcoming changes to the company’s PAMM service.

The company will launch the new Percentage Allocation Master Module (PAMM) technology on April 1st, 2014, and it will fully supersede the current service, Percentage Allocation Management Module. FXOpen’s new PAMM is a technical opportunity for an FXOpen client (“Slave”) to follow trading strategies of another FXOpen client (“Master”). The Master’s strategy will be replicated on the Slave’s Account by means of our PAMM technology.

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Full MACD Technical Indicator

Full MACD Forex technical Indicator screenshots:

Moving average convergence/divergence (MACD) is a forex technical analysis indicator developed by Gerald Appel in 1979. Originally, it was applied in commodity and stock trading. The current variant of the indicator is a combination of the MACD histogram and the classic indicator which consists of a MACD line and a signal line.


HMA Forex Technical Indicator

HMA indicator screenshots:


The Hull Moving Average (HMA) is one more option of an ideal MA that enables smoothing price movements with the help of weighted averages. This forex technical indicator was developed by Alan Hull.

HMA Histogram forex technical indicator

HMA Histogram screenshots:

The HMA_histogram forex technical indicator is a type of traditional HMA indicator by Alan Hull in the form of histogram identical to the one of the MACD indicator.

HMA(n) = WMA(2*WMA(n/2) – WMA(n)), sqrt(n))

Trading Strategy:
The HMA_histogram is a trend technical indicator in the form of histogram, bars of which show price movement direction (a blue bar points to rising, a red one suggests a fall) and entry points to the market.

If there is a general bullish trend on the market, and the HMA_histogram has changed the color to blue from red, it is time to buy an asset as the price can rise further within the overall uptrend. The transformation of color is a signal to enter the market.

When there is a bearish in the market and the HMA_histogram has turned red, we should sell an asset as the price can fall lower within the overall descending trend. When the indicator is transforming the color, it is a signal for entry.

A unique feature of this technical indicator is that it not only smoothes price changes but also allows you to rule out the lagging of signals. It became attainable due to the particular formula. Thus, a trader may use this indicator in trading and be sure that the HMA_histogram will not give a lagging signal to buy or sell.

The HMA_histogram can be applied as a filter for entry to the market; in this case trades can be opened based on other indicators and analyses. The histogram can help you to determine the best time to close a deal: when the indicator changes the color to opposite one, an open trade in the direction of a price movement should be closed. Then, wait for next signal to enter the market.

Download Link :

Center Of Gravity Indicator

The Center of Gravity Forex Technical Indicators is an oscillator developed by John Ehler and introduced in Stocks & Commodities magazine (05.2002). This oscillator generates practically zero lag showing the pivot points with the in depth accuracy. The indicator was the outcome of research of adaptive filters.

Screenshots of Center of Gravity indicator (COG)

Center of Gravity Settings :

Center of Gravity Formula:
NUM = int (n, i = 0) [PRICE{i}*{i+1}]
DEN = int (n, i = 0) [PRICE {i}], where
PRICE [i] = the price i bar (bars) back;
PRICE [0] = the current bar price;
PRICE [2] = the price 2 bars back.

Download Links :