ForexCup Gold Reserve

“ForexCup Gold Reserve” is a sensational free competition for all traders, who like gold! FXOpen Company organizes and sponsors the contest. Prize fund amounts to $5000!
It doesn’t matter whether you usually trade on gold or metal trading will be new experience for you. You just have to be ready to fight for the main prize and real cash bonuses!
To pretend for victory, make just two steps: register your trading account with FXOpen and then apply for participation in the contest.

The winner will be determined in a fair fight between those interested in gold and big cash prizes. He will receive a trading PAMM ECN account with the balance $1000 and also a bonus which amounts to 1%* of the profit, received in the contest. Other 8 prizewinners will also get a reward and bonus depending on their profit. By the way, we will provide cash bonuses for all participants, who increase a start-up deposit by 70% or more.
Do not miss your chance to fight for “ForexCup Gold Reserve”! Register right now!

Participants’ task:
On the first day of the contest each participant will receive $5000. They have to increase the start-up capital while trading gold or silver at Forex market. The winner will be the trader with the biggest capital at the end of the contest. Trading is conducted on ECN demo accounts with 5-digits quotes through the terminal Meta Trader 4

Cash bonuses:

FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark! (GBP/aud on 01.02.2013)

Dear ForexCup users!
We invite you to participate in the interesting and easy contest “Guess the exchange rate”. The winner of it will receive $30. Everybody, who wants to, can participate. You have to fulfill only 1 condition – register in our forum!
Participants’ task:
In order to participate in the contest, you have to make your prediction of GBP/aud  course at the end of the trading day on February, 1 2013 and leave a message with it at FXOpen forum.
Conditions of the contest:
Currency pair: GBP/aud
Date for determination of the course: closed at 22:59, February, 1 2013 (terminal MT4 time);
Bids are accepted until: January, 28.
The name of the winner will be announced: February, 4.
Determination of the winner:
A participant, who mentioned the exact closing price for the currency pair or the closest variant, will become a winner. If a few persons mention close variants, the winner will be the one, who was the first one to do it. The close price for the currency pair will be taken from FXOpen trading terminal after the closing of trades on Friday by Bid price. 
Rules of the contest “Guess the exchange rate”

MyTrafficValue Review and Summary

My Traffic Value


- Concept:

- You invest $1+ and we build products and businesses.

- We then share 100% of the revenues back with you daily, until you receive 194% of your investment back. See our amazing transparency / accounts here: MTV (Click on "View Revenues" to get the details!)

- Payments are paid back into your account balance daily (shown at the top of the page). That you're free to cashout or use in our games, products, ad systems or other features as you like!

Getting Started:

1. Click on your balance at the top of the page. Then press "Add Funds" next to the payment method you wish to use.

2. Once your account is funded (money appears at the top of the page), you then invest your money using the form on this page:

3. You will then earn daily, automatically! No action is required from you at all. Payments are sent to your balance shown at the top of every page. And you will keep earning until you get 194% (or if you invest $100, you'll keep getting paid until you receive a total of $194 back)

4. Click on your balance at the top of the page, and press the "Cashout" link to cashout your earnings! Or check out our games, and other products!

Daily Results:

ForexCup - Profitable WeeK 01/28/2013-02/01/2013

We invite everybody to participate in a weekly contest “Profitable WeeK 01/28/2013 – 02/01/2013”!
Registration is available until January, 27 (apply for participation)
The contest will be held since January, 27 to February, 1 2013.
There are 7 prizes:
1st place
– 250$ + 50% from entry fees + bonus;
2nd place – 100$ + 20% from entry fees + bonus;
3rd place – 75$ + 15% from entry fees + bonus;
4th place – 25$ + 5% from entry fees + bonus;
5th place – 25$ + 5% from entry fees + bonus;
6th place – 15$ + 3% from entry fees + bonus;
7th place – 10$ + 2% from entry fees + bonus.

Cash bonuses:
All participants with profit of at least 10% (or more) will receive cash bonuses.
Total prize fund consists of FXOpen sponsorship ($1500) and 20% from all entry fees!

Participants’ task:
On the first day of the contest each participant will receive $5000. They have to increase the start-up capital while trading at Forex market. The winner will be the trader with the biggest capital at the end of the contest. Trading is conducted on ECN demo accounts with 5-digits quotes through the terminal Meta Trader 4 (read more here).
Participation in the contest is paid (an entry fee is $3).
Remember that in order to participate it is necessary to have at least $3 on your e-Wallet (the sum of an entry fee). You can deposit necessary sum to your account via any payment system. If you have some funds in your FXOpen trading account, you can move the necessary sum to your e-Wallet. Go to your account.
-Instruction for registration;

Participate and win!

The fastest growing e-currency exchanger MagneticExchange

Today, a great number of e-currency exchange websites are known to specialize in Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and other currencies conversion. However, only few of them offer reasonable exchange rates and, at the same time, are trustworthy enough.
Magnetic Exchange is a reliable service with perfect reputation. It offers automatic Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay, EgoPay, and LiqPay conversion and half-automatic conversion of C-Gold, Pecunix, Payza (AlertPay) and more.
The great choice of exchange directions is not the only great feature of the Magnetic Exchange service. Regular customers take advantage of cumulative discounts up to 20% off the fees. You can also participate in the Affiliate Program. You'll have a chance to get up to 30% of the Magnetic Exchange profit generated by your referrals.
It's unbelievable how easy and fast it is to use Magnetic Exchange, so why not try it yourself? All transactions are risk-free as the service is accredited by many e-currency payment processing systems.

Here's the latest e-currency exchange rate as of January 11, 2013.

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Latest version of BLESSING 3

The latest Official version of Blessing 3 (v 3.9.5) can be dowloaded here.

And the latest beta version of Blessing 3 (v can be downloaded here.

Blessing 3 is a Grid Trader. Its basic design is to use MA to determine market conditions and bracket the current price with a STOP and LIMIT to profit in that direction. You may now select/change the capability of B3 to place just a BUY trade or a SELL trade instead of STOP and LIMIT trades to start its trading routine. If the direction is long, BUYS are used to take profits. If the trend reverses, BUY LIMITS are hit and profits taken on the reversal. If the direction is short, SELLS are used to take profits. If the trend reverses, SELL LIMITS are hit and profits taken on the reversal.

You now have the capability to reverse the grid. Instead of place a BUY STOP/LIMIT if the market is long, you can force B3 to place a SELL STOP/LIMIT. This reverse feature is user selectable via the menu set item. Once the direction is determined and trading is started, B3 uses LIMIT trading to add to the basket of trades. B3 starts placing trades by bracketing the current price with STOP/LIMIT trades in a proprietary fashion. This proprietary fashion using the MathMod function sets the STOP/LIMIT trades around the current price at distance of approximately ½ the pips defined by the first grid value, 25 in this case. A user has the ability to adjust the MathMod feature of B3 using the Entry Offset parameter.

Once either the STOP or LIMIT is hit creating the first trade, subsequent trades are placed a fixed distance of 25 pips either side of the current price. Each LIMIT trade added is placed 25 pips above/below the last trade. The 25 pip amount is used until 4 open trades are out. If the user selectable feature of B3Traditional is set to false, then the grid is started using a BUY or SELL. The Entry Offset has no effect if this feature is used. The fifth trade (LIMIT trade) is placed 50 pips above/below the fourth outstanding trade. This 50 pip amount is used until 8 total trades are open. The ninth trade (LIMIT trade) is placed 100 pips above/below the 8th trade. This 100 pip amount is used for all remaining trades placed.

For this strategy, each LIMIT trade added is called a “level”. The number of trades at the 25 pip difference is user selectable and the number of trades at the 50 pip difference is user selectable. Remaining trades (9th level and beyond) placed at the 100 pip range is user selectable also. 25/50/100 remains B3's set grid but the grid can be squished or auto calculated (discussed later) without changing individual numbers listed in the menu. The Take Profit values are just double the grid values. 50/100/200 pips are the Take Profits that are coded into B3 and can be modified via the menu. All these values are placed in an array defined by the user. The array is a uniquely new feature to B3and can be manipulated in any way by the user.

Major Features:

New FOREX Investment Program

4 Forex Investment Network has been established by United State of Americas 4 Forex companies. After gaining experience in Forex trading for many years, these companies decided to form an investment firm besides their trading in order to accept investment funds from members and deposit for Forex trading. 4 Forex Investment Network has been legally registered as a private investment firm.

The basic aim of our firm is to strive hard and earn as much earning as possible from Forex. If you are toying with the idea of entering the world of online Forex trading, then you must consider 4 Forex Investment Network as your investing vehicle. Out entire team strives hard to ensure that our every client gets due attention and achieves great success and growth. There are countless reasons that may attract you to join our website.

For instance, we offer a very highly qualified, well trained and experienced trading team at your service. They will help and guide you in your online investing venture. Their support and advice may prove to be very useful and profitable, especially if you are a novice. Our team ensures that you indulge in only those investments that will bring you maximum profit and pose least risk. Whenever you need our help, you just need to send an internal message and we will reply with the best possible solutions as soon as possible.
Join hands with 4 Forex Investment Network and we will make sure that you make intelligent investment decision and gain lucrative returns. We also help you procure investments that help you make profit in shorter time duration.  read more