FXOpen Welcomes Traders at Asian Forex Championship

ForexCup invites all Asians* to take part in the Forex Championship - an exciting and challenging competition that will last for 8 weeks. The participants will have a chance to fight for the three main prizes – $3000, $1980 and $1020, as well as the title of the Asian Best Trader.  The rest contestants, being inches away from the final line, will be awarded with the real money bonuses according to their profits made during the Championship. 

Thus, you may expect:
  • All- Asia contestants with different trading experience;
  • Good prizes for the 3 best results;
  • Real money bonuses;
  • Free participation.

ForexCup - Profitable Week 04/29/2013 - 05/03/2013

Are you ready for a new challenge? Join Profitable WeeK!

ForexCup has already proved that there are enough different forex-contests for everyone here. No wonder each trader has his own favorite format of the competition. That’s why we are happy to announce “a mixed-type” championship – a paid weekly contest.
Such contest has its own advantages:
  • It will last for 5 days only – you will not have to wait for results too long;
  • Participation is paid (the entry fee is $3 only, the minimum one) – it reduces the level of competition and increases the prize fund automatically;
  • There are 7 prizes at once;
  • It’s easy to get a cash bonus – just increase a start-up deposit by at least 10%;

Guide on ForexCup Prizes and Bonuses

Check a guide on ForexCup prizes and bonuses.

Important! If you are late with registration for the ongoing contest, go Competitions page, choose other available contest and join it!

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us by e-mail (info@forexcup.com) or use FXOpen Live Chat to get immediate assistance.

Guide on ForexCup Prizes and Bonuses
Basic requirements:
- During the competition each participant should perform the minimum number of trades of the required volume (traditionally: 5 trades of 5 lots’ total volume for the weekly contest and 20 trades of 20 lots’ total volume for the monthly contest);
- After the competition each participant should make at least one post in the corresponding thread of FXOpen Forum (otherwise prizes and bonuses will be abolished).
PRIZE withdrawal terms:
You can withdraw your prize with no restrictions through any payment system available at FXOpen.
Prizes over 1000 USD fall under special terms of withdrawal (as a rule, you have to open a PAMM ECN account and perform a decent number of trades on it before withdrawal).
BONUS withdrawal terms:
You can withdraw your bonus:
- no earlier than in 30 days after obtaining it;
- after making at least 20 trades of 10 minutes' long each.
Bonus calculation FORMULA:
The bonus payable to a real trading account is equal to one percent (1%) of the profit gained.

FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark! (EUR/JPY on 27.04.2013)

Are You Lucky? Join FX Insight and Win! 

No doubt, luck is of great importance when it comes to Forex trading. Coupled with relevant experience, proved strategy and belief in your personal strength, it is very rewarding as it yields tangible results.

Users of FXOpen Forum will certainly affirm that it’s true. Luck is their No.1 issue as many of them take a regular part in the traditional contest “FX Insight” where a lot, if not all, depends on pure luck. 

The terms of the competition are quite simple: all the participants have to guess the exact closing price for the currency pair on a specific date, share their forecasts in the relevant Forum thread, and get $30 on a trading account in case of the most accurate answer. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Welcome to FX Market Masters April 2013

The regular monthly contest “FX Market Masters” welcomes everybody in April. The competition promises great prizes and a chance to become the Manager of a PAMM ECN account with more than $1000 in it!
As a rule the tournament will last for a month until May 17, which is very convenient. Thus, you can master your trading skills, build-up your own strategy and make much greater profit rather than during a weekly contest.

For example, the winner of FX Market Masters March 2013 will get about $1600 for the main prize as well as a substantial bonus of more than $200. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

Not only to the 5 best traders are awarded in the tournament, but all those, able to increase their start-up deposit by 10% or more. They will get a bonus, equal to 1% of their profit. Note, please, that the bonus fund of the competition amounts to $3500. So, there will be enough real money prizes.

To participate in the contest you need to pay a token amount of $6. Those entry fees, along with FXOpen sponsorship, constitute the prize fund of the competition. So, the more traders will take part in the contest, the greater profit you can go after.

ForexCup - Profitable WeeK April 15-19

ForexCup Team invites all enterprising traders to take an active part in the regular weekly contest “Profitable WeeK.” The competition is scheduled for April 15-19 and all the potential participants may already start the registration procedure.

If this is your first contest with ForexCup, please, register and grab your FXOpen account with a few simple steps. You don’t have to pay for participation in the contest - Profitable WeeK is held on a free basis. Thus, you get every chance to make money without paying a penny!

The prize fund of the tournament amounts to $1200, while the winner will be awarded with $200 for the 1st place! All successful traders won’t be forgotten as well. They can get real cash bonuses, totaling $1000! Bonuses will be added to the account of those participants, who will manage to increase their start-up deposit by 55% and more.
Registration for the competition is held at www.ForexCup.com and is available until April 15!

To become a happy prizewinner, you just need to join the contest, get $5000 of start-up deposit and take up trading. Keep in mind a few simple rules:

Results of Profitable WeeK March, 25 – March, 29

Another free weekly contest “Profitable WeeK” ended on March 29. No doubt, such competitions are very popular – this time 770 traders from all over the world took part in it.

Apparently, the level of competition was rather high. Nevertheless, the leader, an Indonesian trader with the nickname andree, managed to break away from other participants and take the lead. The winner showed the best result – his profit amounted to 331%. Let’s remind that the main prize in that contest was $200. So, apart from the 1st place prize, andree also received a bonus for successful trading.

By the way, the bonus fund of the competition totaling $1000 was shared among 132 traders.  They have managed to increase their start-up capital by more than 50%.

ForexCup would like to thank all active participants and congratulate all prize-winners and bonus-holders!

Choose suitable contest at “Competitions” and win!