FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark! (GBP/USD on 30.11.2013)

The traditional forum contest «FX Insight» has long been awaited by Forex traders from all over the world. So, today we invite all the willing to join the next round of the competition.

“FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark! (GBP/USD on 30.11.2013)” is held in the corresponding forum thread. This time the contestants should focus on GBP/USD currency pair: analyze the FX rate dynamics, think of possible changes and make their bet i.e., share the variant of the GBP/USD closing price as of November 30th, 2013.

A trader, whose variant of the GBP/USD rate will be the most precise, will become the winner of the competition. He will receive US$30 to his live account in FXOpen.  

Ready for Changes? Join Scalping Virtuoso – New ForexCup Competition!

ForexCup is pleased to announce the launch of a new paid competition – Scalping Virtuoso. Forex contests fans will definitely like a new format of the weekly competition and appreciate its benefits.

ForexCup team traditionally held the weekly contests for free, while participation in the monthly competitions required a small entry fee. The weekly format, however, appeared to be very popular with traders. Thus, ForexCup team came up with an idea for Scalping Virtuoso lasting only a week. The competition is open to all, willing to demonstrate their perfect trading skills. Register now and join the ranks of the most ambitious Forex traders!  

FXOpen Comes to the UK

FXOpen, a leading Forex broker, is pleased to announce further expansion into the European financial market by opening a new office in London, UK. The company’s interests in Europe are now represented by FXOpen UK, offering its services within the strict regulatory framework of the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.

One Click Trading and Level 2 Plugin – Version 1.14

One Click Trading and Level 2 Plugin – Version 1.14

FXOpen has recently implemented a new version of the One Click Trading & Level 2 Plugin into its trading system. The application efficiency has been boosted with new functionality that is supposed to be appreciated by the tool users.

The list of Version 1.14 updates includes:

  • - Full-fledged support of STP accounts has been implemented
  • - Histogram visualization has been improved and 'real price' mode has been added in addition to default 'real volume' mode
  • - Visualization of the market depth is improved
  • - OCTL2 keeps working even without TTS connection/quotes
  • - MT4 trade operation time spent is displayed in ms (in experts terminal panel)
FXOpen team keeps on working to deploy new features of the plugin and hopes for your feedback on the tool operation.

Your opinion is important for us – join the discussion at FXOpen Forum and tell us what you think.

Download the latest version of One Click Trading and Level 2 Plugin.

FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark! (EUR/NZD on 16th November 2013)

ForexCup Invites Traders to Test their Luck

One of the most important things for a Forex trader is to be lucky. FX Insight forum contest, regularly held by FXOpen, is a good chance to check how lucky you are. 

The competition “FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark! (EUR/NZD on 16th November 2013)” is available to all users registered on FXOpen Forum. To join the contest you need to share your variant of a possible EUR/NZD closing price as of 16th November 2013 in the corresponding forum thread until 15th November 2013.   
The name of the winner will be announced on 18th November. The prize will go to a trader who will suggest the most precise variant. The lucky winner will receive US$30 in his FXOpen live account.

FXOpen Gets another Award at Moscow Forex Expo 2013

FXOpen Gets another Award at Moscow Forex Expo 2013

FXOpen, one of the world’s leading brokerage companies in the Forex market, has been awarded at Moscow Forex Expo 2013 for the best trading conditions in micro accounts for beginners in Forex. The exhibition was traditionally held in the Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel in Moscow on November 1-2, 2013.

FXOpen Gets another Award at Moscow Forex Expo 2013
Moscow Forex Expo 2013 is a major Forex exhibition that regularly brings together representatives of various brokerage and investment companies, banks and dealing centers. The participants of the event gladly share their experience, provide competent analysis of the current market situation and try to absorb progressive ideas and tendencies in the foreign exchange segment.

The event organizers prepared an ambitious program with numerous master-classes and seminars. Professionals were offered to take part in the B2B forum with a chance to socialize with international colleagues and exchange the accumulated experience.

For great contribution and achievements in the industry FXOpen was honored as the best broker offering loyal trading conditions in micro accounts. The whole scope of the company’s services along with the potential of its Partnership programs was highly appreciated by the reputable judges and the audience. FXOpen was also praised for technological superiority of its ECN accounts for which the company had previously received a few awards. Thus, according to the Masterforex-V independent Forex Broker rating, FXOpen was named the Best ECN Broker 2012.

FOREXCUP - Profitable WeeK 11/18/2013-11/22/2013

ForexCup contestants have repeatedly confirmed that it is the weekly competitions that are most popular among Forex traders. Such format of the contests draws the biggest audience and offers the greatest number of prizes. What is more, Profitable WeeK series of contests ensure from losses to a greater extent as there are no entrance fees and you participate for free.
ForexCup along with FXOpen broker tries to keep traders motivated and each time offers new interesting competitions. Today we suggest joining another contest – “Profitable WeeK 11/18/2013-11/22/2013.”

This time all the contestants may expect the following:

  • A traditionally free participation: no entrance fees, you can join the contest with a few keystrokes;
  • 5 trading days: it’s the most optimal time span to choose and implement your trading strategy;
  • 49 currency pairs: it’s up to you to decide what trading instrument to use;
  •  8 prizes and bonuses for more than 80% profit;
  • An opportunity to use EAs.

New experience is what really matters in any career, particularly, in Forex. Grab your chance to learn something new! Put your trading theories in practice! A free weekly competition is an ideal format not only for winning prizes and bonuses, but also for self-education, improvement and experiments!


Key dates:

  • November 18, 2013 – registration ends;
  • November 18, 2013 – competition starts;
  • November 22, 2013 – competition ends;
  • November 25, 2013 – summing-up.

  • 1st place – US$200 + bonus;
  • 2nd place – US$80 + bonus;
  • 3rd place – US$40 + bonus;
  • 4th place – US$24 + bonus;
  • 5th place – US$20 + bonus;
  • 6th place – US$16+ bonus;
  • 7th place – US$12+ bonus
  • 8th place – US$8+ bonus.

FXOpen Announces Second Round of Forex Article Contest

FXOpen Announces Second Round of Forex Article Contest 

FXOpen is glad to announce the second round of the Forex Article Contest that was first launched by the company in September 2013.

The next round of the competition is scheduled to be held between 11th November and 13th December. Thus, the rewarding ceremony will take place right on New Year’s Eve.

The Forex Article Contest is a great chance for Forex traders and spectators alike not only to win the prize money but also to discover their hidden talents and reveal their creative personalities by writing about Forex specifics.

FXOpen Runs SMS Notifications Service

FXOpen Runs SMS Notifications Service 

FXOpen is glad to offer its customers a new service – SMS notifications. This option is available for all users registered with the company. The functional is developed to carry out extra verification when log into MyFXOpen personal area, get notifications about the withdrawal or payment status changes, as well as recover a new password under strict security conditions.

FXOpen Launches Customer Support Portal

FXOpen, one of the world’s leading Forex brokerage companies, is delighted to announce the launch of a Customer Support Portal – support.fxopen.com. The key target of the project is to reorganise the customer support process and implement a number of new opportunities.  

The Customer Support Portal is a specialised, user-friendly system designed specifically for FXOpen clients. We have introduced some valuable options for the company’s clients e.g., tailored advice from the specialist online support team with immediate effect, query placement and status monitoring.

With the development of the project, the FXOpen product users will become more independent and self-contained in solving a number of technical and finance-related issues. Each participant will have access to detailed descriptions of the company’s focus areas and the services provided.