MyTrafficValue Review and Summary

My Traffic Value


- Concept:

- You invest $1+ and we build products and businesses.

- We then share 100% of the revenues back with you daily, until you receive 194% of your investment back. See our amazing transparency / accounts here: MTV (Click on "View Revenues" to get the details!)

- Payments are paid back into your account balance daily (shown at the top of the page). That you're free to cashout or use in our games, products, ad systems or other features as you like!

Getting Started:

1. Click on your balance at the top of the page. Then press "Add Funds" next to the payment method you wish to use.

2. Once your account is funded (money appears at the top of the page), you then invest your money using the form on this page:

3. You will then earn daily, automatically! No action is required from you at all. Payments are sent to your balance shown at the top of every page. And you will keep earning until you get 194% (or if you invest $100, you'll keep getting paid until you receive a total of $194 back)

4. Click on your balance at the top of the page, and press the "Cashout" link to cashout your earnings! Or check out our games, and other products!

Daily Results:

You share the revenues from our entire portfolio every single day. (Not just from the one business/product that your investment specifically contributes towards funding). We give you a detailed 'result card' each day to detail those earnings: MTV (click on "View Revenues")

There are two features of our results to be aware of:

... 1) We don't payout revenues on the same day that they are made! We pay them 28days later. So that the money forms a 'rolling reserve' to protect the business from any negative revenue days. And also for security, and other practical reasons... This enables you to know what our results will be 28days in advance! If today we're issuing revenues from 28days ago, look through our result cards and see what we made 27days ago, and that'll be the result tomorrow!

... 2) We issue results in the following way: 50% of the revenues are divided between ALL active investors. Paying them a small daily percentage return. And the other 50%, we allocate as "Fast Tracks" to the oldest investors, aiming to instantly return their full remaining 194% all in one go (so that they can be removed from the system, for extra speed, and also to stop them diluting future results!)

So at first you can expect to receive little daily payments (ranging from 0.01% up to 3% per day). Then when it's your turn to be fast tracked, you will get the full remaining return all in one go. Therefore, the first payments are insignificant, what you're waiting for is your turn to be fast tracked! And you can see the queue for that here: MTV

Other Information:

- Sustainability: To repay every single investor, requires each product to return 3.6x it's construction cost. That's a very straight forward process, given the environment we're situating these products within. Lots of people, with funded accounts that trust us! We don't need to waste money on marketing, overheads are covered by MTV as a whole. And there's no particular time constraint, so long as the products earn eventually, the debt is cleared!

- Security: Each investor receives a fixed profit. And then their investment is complete. Yet the products they build hold unlimited earning potential! This creates redundancy; meaning that if some products fail to generate their return on cost; others can make up the difference. Moreover, it is not just one product repaying you, it's our entire portfolio! This creates speed + security.

- Time saving! Using the "Crowd", our "Fast Track" system, the unlimited earning potential of each product compared with the fixed profits we pay to investors. Enables us to save the 'individual' time. So you keep getting paid back nice and quickly (passing ownership of your maturing assets onto newer investors); meanwhile your products are earning away in the background, at their own pace until they eventually make 3.6x their cost, and ultimately "clear the debt" your investment created. Though in reality, you'll likely be paid long before that completes!

- Trust! This system is absolutely transparent, you can see exactly how we use every dollar invested, and the source of every cent of every result! Morever, there is no 'investment story' to believe. You can watch products get added to our portfolio in real time. You can see, use and enjoy them yourself! Moreover, look into our "Shareholders" system, and you can see how we make money from this. And not only that, but you can buy into this business and take it over if you really want! My Traffic Value is a transparent machine, it doesn't matter who owns it.

- 2 Level Referral Program. Earn lifelong commissions on any number of things your referrals do: MTV

- "Communist Capitalism" is a nice description for My Traffic Value as a whole. Everything you build helps benefit our entire community. Yet at the same time, the more you do / the more you invest; the more you earn as an individual! So we seemingly take the best of both systems.

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