FXOpen Welcomes Traders to Forum Contest

FXOpen moves on with the popular FX Insight contests and offers another competition to FXOpen Forum users with the main prize of $30 for the most precise guess.

The contest “FX Insight” has long become popular with forum users of FXOpen broker. And it’s not surprising, since the competition does not require any investment, while a $30 prize to the real account is a good reward given that you just have to guess the closing price of a certain currency pair on a specified date.

So, if you are positive about the contest “FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark! (GBP/JPY on 17.08.2013)” and are ready to join it, please, make sure you do the following:
  • Submit your guessing of GBP/JPY rate on 17th August, 2013;
  • Share your variant* in the corresponding forum thread by 13th August, 2013;
  • Wait for the results that are to be announced on 19th August, 2013.
By the way, GBP/JPY has become the lucky currency pair for the winner of the Asian Forex Championship. Who knows, maybe it will help you win as well!

* Please, check the rules of the contest before publishing your predictions - they may not be accepted if not compliant with the format of the competition.

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