Guess FX Rate on FXOpen Forum and Get US$30 on Account!

FXOpen welcomes everyone to the traditional forum contest – “FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark!”

The competition is already available on FXOpen forum.

According to the contest rules, traders will have to guess the USD/JPY closing price on 26th October 2013. All the participants should share their suggestions in the corresponding thread of FXOpen forum and wait for the winners to be announced. The competition results will be collated on 28th October 2013.  

Prior to placing your bets, pay attention to the following terms:
  • Place a bet as is shown here: “your forum nickname – your bet
  • Spreads between the participants’ bets must exceed 5 pips i.e., if there is a bet of 1.5000, the nearest possible variant must be 1.5005 or 1.4995)
  • Each participant may place only one bet
  • It’s not allowed to repeat one’s bet
  • It’s not allowed to erase or edit your variant of the possible fx rate that has already been shared
See the contest details in the competition thread of FXOpen Forum.

Join the contest and test your luck with FXOpen!

The bets are accepted until 22nd October 2013. 


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