FXOpen Goes on with FX Insight Forum Contest

FX Insight gives you another chance to test your luck and win a nice prize for your intuition and good perception of the market sentiment.

FX Insight is traditionally held on FXOpen Forum and is already available for enrolment. All you need is just to guess the rate of the currency pair specifically chosen for the competition.

See the terms of the contest below:
  • Currency pair: AUD/USD;
  • Deadline: submit your guessing of the fx rate by 23rd July, 2013;
  • Date to define the fx rate: 22.59 (server time), 26th July, 2013;
  • Prize fund: $30;
  • Date to declare the winner: 29th July, 2013.   

To take part in the competition your variant* of a possible AUD/USD closing price must be timely published in the corresponding forum thread.

You may apply minimum efforts and get a prize of $30 – isn’t it a good reason to join the contest? Be active, be positive and fortune will smile upon you!

*Important! Your actions must be fully compliant with the rules of the contest otherwise, your application may not be accepted.

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