Guess what AUD/usd rate will be on 26.05.2012 at 00:00

We accept your bids until 21.05.2012.
A prize worth of USD 30 is up for grabs and will be transferred to the winner’s live trading account. To withdraw the prize, make 5 trades (any lot size), each trade must be held for at least 10 minutes.

Feel free to offer your bids:
1) Post your forum username and your bid price.
2) The minimum increment (step) from another person’s bid is 5 pips.
Example: if someone bids 1.4400, the next person can post a bid that is above 1.4405 or below 1.4395
3) You cannot offer the price that was already posted by someone else.
4) Only 1 bid per person will be accepted.
5) Bids that do not comply with p-ps. 1-4 will not be accepted.
6) The winner will be determined according to the BID price (close price in 1M candle at 23:59 25.05.2012 on in FXOpen Meta Trader terminal. If no one guesses the exact price, the closest bid wins.

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