FOREXCUP - Profitable WeeK 06/11/2012-06/15/2012

FOREXCUP - Profitable WeeK 06/11/2012-06/15/2012

FXOpen Company invites to participate in regular weekly competition on demo accounts "Profitable WeeK 06/11/2012-06/15/2012".

 Registration is open till June 10. The contest starts on June 11 and ends on June 15. The winner is a trader who at the end of the competition has the highest profit on his demo aacount. The main thing to hunt is a bonus, that depends on your profit. First five participants receive money prizes in addition to bonuses. For example, a winner gets a bonus and 200 USD prize!
Don't miss the opportunity: all participants can get money bonuses on their accounts. The only requirement is to increase your deposit by 60% and more. The number of bonuses is not limited.


(you must be logged in with your registered e-mail and MyFXOpen password)
Bonus Terms:

The bonus payable to a trader’s real trading account is equal to one percent (1%) of the profit gained.

For example, if a trader earns $ 5000, a $ 50 bonus will be deposited to his account.

However, there are some limitations:

- The amount of bonus for one trader cannot exceed $ 100;

- Bonus can be withdrawn via any payment system available at FXOpen after making 20 trades (minimum of 10 minutes per trade). You can withdraw the bonus after 30 calendar days since the date it was paid to you. Before withdrawing the bonus you must make at leat 1 forum post in the ForexCup Competition thread in our Forum.

The total amount of all bonuses in the competition cannot exceed $ 1 100. If the budget is exceeded we will reduce the bonuses based on the difference between the actual sum of all bonuses and our budget.

For example, if at the end of the competition the sum of all bonuses payable to all traders is $ 1 500, the total sum of bonuses will be reduced by $ 400 ($ 1500 - $ 1100 = $ 400).

The formula for bonus calculation:

Bonus = (1% of profit) * Planned Budget / Actual Budget, where

Profit - the actual profit earned by particular trader

Planned Budget = it is $ 1 100 for this particular competition

Actual Budget = the sum of all bonuses payable to all traders at the end of the competition

* Prizes can be withdrawn at any time, in other words, after receiving prize money to your trading account, you can withdraw it through any payment system available at FXOpen, but bonuses can be withdrawn once you complete the requirements described above.

Prize ≠ Bonus (prize and bonus are two different concepts)

Important Notice:

We would like to let you know that we have a new point in ForexCup terms and conditions policy. You have to make at least one post at our forum before withdrawing your prize or bonus. This should be a comment on the competition where you took part. Please, post which place you took, how much money you received as a prize and leave a general comment about the contest (describe your thoughts and emotions, tell if it was easy to get the prize, share your plans on the prize, let us know what you think about ForexCup, whether you are planning to take part in new competitions or not).

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