FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark! (EUR/USD on 18.05.2013)

ForexCup users regularly join a simple and interesting competition which is held at FXOpen forum. Have you ever tested your trader’s luck? If no – it’s a great time to do it!
The core of the contest “FX Insight” is in guessing the closing price for this or that currency pair for a certain day. All you have to do is to presuppose the course, leave your variant in the corresponding forum thread – and wait for results! By the way, every time these simple actions are rewarded on the merit – the author of the exact or the closest prediction are provided with $30 to his real account.
For example, not long ago a forum user with a nickname siyanie has just guessed the closing price for EUR/JPY on April, 27 – and his variant was the closest one among 67 others. This trader has already received $30 to his real account.
Test your luck in the nearest contest – just leave in the forum thread your variant of the closing price for EUR/USD on May, 17 – and maybe you will be the luckiest! The acceptance of rates is open until May, 14.

Don’t miss your chance to test your luck with FX Insight!

 FXOpen regularly holds a competition where the winner can get $30.
Currency pair: EUR/USD
Date for determination of the course: closed at 22:59 17.05.2013 (terminal time)
Acceptance of rates will be ended: May,14
Date of announcement the winner’s name: MAY, 20

Prize: $30.

How to participate?
You have to leave a message at FXOpen.com forum with your prediction for exchange quotation concerning the currency pair, mentioned in the competition

Determination of the winner
A participant, who mentioned the exact closing price for the currency pair or the closest variant, will become a winner. If a few persons mention close variants, the winner will be the one, who was the first one to do it. The close price for the currency pair will be taken from FXOpen trading terminal after the closing of trades on Friday by Bid price.

Rules of the competition “Guess the exchange rate”
1. You have to add your forum’s nickname to your bet (for example, nickname – your bet);
2. Spreads between participants’ beds should be no less than 5 points. For example, if there has been already made a bet for 1.5000, all other participants should choose variants not closer than 1.4995 or 1.5005;
3. You can’t repeat someone else’s rate;
4. Each participant are able to make only one bet;
5. You are not able to change or delete your prediction;
6. If your bet has been declined, you can leave ONE new bet which totally comply with the rules. Please, be attentive - just one bet from one user can be in the list of accepted rates
All the bets, which do not comply with previous paragraphs, will be deleted.
The terms of withdrawal of the prize
1. If you want to withdraw your prize, you have to make at least 5 deals of 5 micro lot(for all deals);
2. Each trade should be with profit or loss (+-) 4 points;
3. Each deal should be opened for at least 10 minutes.

If you want to increase your chances to become a winner, you should:
1. Download an FXOpen trading terminal;
2. Open an account for free

Please, check your rate according to the rules of the contest before the publishing. Pay your special attention to the rule “spreads between participants’ beds should be no less than 5 points”.

Usually, we update the list of accepted rates every day. But sometimes there can be a few new rates, but the list has not been updated yet. So, please, read all messages carefully, starting with the last message from the Moderator.

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