review: Paidvert Simple ROI Analysis

As of DECEMBER 2016

Lets say that you deposited $150 in paidverts and bought Bulk Ads.

You will get the following:

$150 x 50 = 7,500 visit to your websites,
15,000 banner impression for 125x125
3,750 banner impression for 728x90
360,000 BAP, which is equivalent to $180 ROI
if you click the daily ads.

The catch

Every time ads were issued to you, BAP will be deducted to your total BAP
$0.0005 is equal to 2 BAP deduction.
So, if you receive ads worth $1, they deduct 2,000 BAP from your total BAP.

As of December 2016, Ads issued is 4.63% per month for $150.

$150 x 4.63% = $6.945 per month

As i have said before, $1 = 2,000 BAP

$6.945 x 2,000 BAP = 13,890 BAP deducted to your initial 360,000 BAP
so your remaining BAP is 346,110 BAP after one month.
(360,000 - 13,890 = 346,110)


2nd month, if you receive the same amount of ads worth $6.945,
your BAP will be 332,220 BAP
(346,110 - 13,890 = 332,220)

Since $150 is your initial investment,  Half of it is $75.

$75 divided by $6.945 = ~11 months

So, You will get half of your investment after ~11months.

and so on and so on..., after 11 months of waiting,

until you BAP goes down to 180,000 BAP which now belongs to BAP GROUP #5

Since you are now in BAP GROUP #5, your investment will be considered as $75 only

$75 x 4.63% = $3.4725 per month
you will always receive this amount every month until your BAP GROUP goes to #4
Another 11 months of $3.4725 per month.

BAP GROUP #3, you will receive $1.7325 per month

BAP GROUP #2, you will receive $0.868125 per month until you goes down to BAP GROUP#1

If you are lucky enough, not to miss any single daily Ads, your Return Of Investment (ROI) would take 3 years.
Paidvert is good for advertisers, promoting your own website and also for investors.

I will teach you how to make 3 yrs ROI to only 2.5 years ROI, not bad. Just invest under me and comment your username and email. I will show you how.

Invest and Promote Now!

Good Luck to ALL!!!

Please, comment below for opinion, suggestions and correction...

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