FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark! (AUD/CAD on 22.02.2014)

FX Insight forum competition has long become a weekly tradition. It has a lot of advantages but most importantly you can appreciate the simplicity of the contest terms, the opportunity to quickly join the competition and the prize money that is credited to your real account in FXOpen. You are always welcome to check it all yourselves! We invite you to the next round of FX Insight!

This time traders are offered to guess the AUD/CAD FX rate as of 22nd February, 2014.

To participate in the contest, please follow a few simple steps:

  • Share your variant of the AUD/CAD currency pair FX rate;
  • Leave your variant in the corresponding forum thread;
  • Wait for the winners to be announced –it is scheduled for 24th February.
Your entries will be accepted until 18th February, 2014. A trader whose variant is the most precise and accurate becomes the FX Insight winner.

Note, please the 4 ‘Don’ts’:

  1. Don’t repeat other contestants’ variants;
  2. Don’t leave more than one post with the FX rate in the competition thread;
  3. Don’t exceed 5 points between the contestants’ bets;
  4. Don’t edit or delete your variant of the FX rate.
Take a challenge and strive for the victory! You have every chance to become the winner! For example, today we’ve awarded the winner of the previous contest. The forum user with the nickname Abdullah2013 gave the most precise variant of the GBP/AUD currency pair. He got the prize money credited to his account.

Forum competitions are a perfect way to earn a start-up capital. Don’t hesitate! You have everything what makes a real leader!

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