FxOpen - FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark! (GBP/NZD on 8.03.2014)

Scientists say that an active Monday creates the mood for the whole working week. Do you want to spend the nearest five days in a productive way? Take the first step – join a Forex contest.

Today ForexCup team invites you to a traditional forum competition “FX Insight”. It has some obvious advantages, for example:
  • In order to join, you just have to be a member of FXOpen forum;
  • Participation is totally free;
  • In case of victory you receive US $30 – so, it’s easy to get a start-up capital for real trading.

This time you are offered to guess the course of GBP/NZD on March 7, 2014.

All you have to do is guess the course of the mentioned currency pair and leave it in the corresponding forum thread no later than March 4. The author of the closest prediction will become a winner.

Important! Please, read all contest rules carefully before leaving your bet.

Today we not only start a new contest, but also sum up the previous one. Congratulation to forum user with the nickname Bearish – he left the closest prediction for AUD/CAD and won!

All you need for victory is a little bit of luck! Go ahead!

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